Smoke is still in power in Kalimantan and Sumatra. Do not Wait for the Government, We Can Also!

Smoke is stillSince the last few months, our friends in Sumatra and Kalimantan have lost their right to breathe clean air, thanks to the haze that blankets their homes.

The above yellowish color is not a result of Photoshop eds let alone instagram filters. All pure from the dense color of smoke.

Without effect .. without editinilah face of jambi city at this moment .. without blue sky .. without sunshine .. # prayforjambi # jambiberasap # lessoxygen

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The cause? Especially if it is not a forest fire burning and uncontrolled and irresponsible land

As a result, the school had to be closed, the airport was closed and the respiratory health of friends there got worse.

Smoke is a friend. Riau's unresolved suffering. Even people are no longer indifferent. Masks are also useless. All citizens are resigned. #melawanasap The Port of Siak River, Pekanbaru, Riau.

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We have also awarded the smog to neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Singapore Independence Day is August 9, while Malaysia celebrates its independence every August 31st. What is this gift from Indonesia?

Disappointed with an endless catastrophe, young men from Pekanbaru, Riau made a cool video titled We Are Not Silent # Against the Smoke to invite everyone to express concern for the haze.It's been 18 years, there's a season every year called smoke season. For this year, the most severe year of smoke, said one video maker, Andang Wiratmoko told BBC Indonesia.

While in Jambi begins the movement #JambiBerasap as a form of protest as well as reminders between people to always wear a mask.

#jambiberasap #savejambi

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And do not forget a little comedy to insinuate those who (should) be responsible.

Because the legislation is not working, maybe protests can be delivered through comedy.

If the rainy season has arrived, maybe the smoke will disappear. But it is almost certain he will come back in the following years.

People living in the interior of Sumatra and Kalimantan have never enjoyed the luxury of subscribing to newspapers, cable TV, or the internet. Bah, electric & water subscriptions are just hard! Do you want to see them smoke subscriptions from year to year?

Do you have to wait until the smoke envelopes Jakarta, and then they will act decisively?

Until now September 26, 2015 smoke is still thick everywhere. Waiting for the government seems useless. What can we do to Fight Away on Borneo and Sumatra?

The situation has not changed as well our friends in Kalimantan and Sumatra still have to wear masks just to get out of the house. Visibility is still a concern, health is still compromised.Given the already so severe condition of this smoke, it seems unfeasible if we are silent. Fortunately there are various initiatives to collect donations online one of them from You can help by setting aside some of your pocket money today. For the sake of our friends who need masks, oxygen, until pollution absorbent plants.

Never mind, it's useless to just get angry and wait for the government. It's time we do something, no matter how small it is.

Kalimantan and Sumatra also Indonesia they are entitled to enjoy clean air. We are more fortunate, it's time to open your eyes.

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