So You Are No Longer So Victim Of PHP And Heartache, Know First 12 Kind Of Love It!

So You Are No Longer So Victim Of PHP And Heartache, Know First 12 Kind Of Love It!

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Ah, cintaderita and pleasure offered is no match.

Kegalauan and happiness can come because of love.

But what type of love do you belong to?

Many of us still often misunderstand a love. Often we wonder whether this powerful feeling is love, or is it just love as a friend? Failure to understand the kind of love can lead us to various consequences: misunderstanding, hurt, to fail to express a sense of the people we care about.

Here, one of Hipwee's readers, will share knowledge about the 12 kinds of love that people often experience. The types of love here are derived from various sources, such as the four types of love from Greece, and the results of his development of John Lee in The Three Primary Types of Love, as well as various other daily phenomena about love.

1. You have a close friend who whenever and wherever always together? No, you are not homosexual, but Philia!

First we start from one of the types of love that Aristotle originated, namely philia. Philia is a kind of love that refers to the deep closeness between two people who are close friends. The basis of this kind of love is certainly not a sexual desire, but a sense of mutual trust with each other and a match in terms of hobbies, tastes, and mindsets. Anyway, any activity can be more fitting if done with him including ngata-ngatain people.

This type of Philia love can be seen from the relationship between Spongebob and Patrick or Gon and Kilua in Hunter X Hunter. They go everywhere both together, but (apparently) they are not homosexuals. Both will feel empty if one of them does not exist. Like one popular quote from one of Spongebob Squarepants episodes:

Spongebob: What do you normally do when im gone?

Patrick: Wait for you to get back.

2. Storge. Love is so very natural that its presence you often ignoreStorge is a feeling of love between family members. This kind of love is very natural, so natural it even feels like not love each other. And because so naturally also, we sometimes like abai (as well as prestige) to show our love to the family.

In fact, not infrequently if there are members of our family who show storge, we are even angry da not like. For example when a parent with anxiety and worry tells you to go home because it is late at night, you are even angry and feel treated like a child mama. And if they do not exist, the longing is not playing, right?

3. Agape: The kind of love that evokes the side of your caring and humanity

The third type of ancient Greek love is agape. This kind of love is a love that is common and more referring to our humanity. For example, when you feel anxious to help an elderly father who is pushing a garbage cart on the hill, or when you follow-up crying during a disaster that claimed many victims.

Agape is also what encourages the emergence of the humanitarian activists of the world. Examples are the likes of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Munir Said Thalib; those who are willing to sacrifice their energy, mind, matter, and even their lives for the sake of their fellow human beings.

4. Be careful with Eros. The momentary love that arises because of sexual desire

Well, if this love we often meet everywhere. This is the love between humans arising from sexual desire. It may sound really bad, but not really. This love can really transform to other forms of love, like philia or pragma.

However, if not transformed, and built with commitment and good interaction, usually this type of love will be over after sexual desire is achieved. Like dangdut song titled, Cinta Satu Malam.

5. If you believe that love should benefit each other, then your love is Pragma

Love this type of pragma is a love that emphasizes aspects of practical benefits. Extreme example is when an adult male was told to marry let someone ngurusin; or when there are women who do not have dreams to be pursued to find a husband (rich) only. Fortunately these two conditions began to be indisputable by the emancipation of women who have surfaced.

But this kind of love is not always negative like the example before. Pragma love forms can still be found in couples who are committed to complement and share. Through a commitment, they are ready to inspire each other, support, help, and facilitate the survival of each. Practical conditions like this certainly not bad, even suggested. If life becomes easier and meaningful if you have a partner, why not?6. If your relationship demands each other and hurt his name is Ludus. Love whose contents just play heart ~

People often say that love is not to be mocked But yes how, in fact there is also this kind of love. Ludus means in general it is play or game. This kind of love is the love that the culprit just wants to play the feelings of the person he loves. He loves to have control and can manipulate his partner.

Love like this can be seen in couples who like to demand these, and all requests must diturutin. If asked he love or not, yes love but love him because he can love to play couple. Like the lyrics of this Kings of Convenience song:

What is love? It was just a game. Were both playing and we cant get enough of.

7. Mania. The kind of love that can turn you into a non-logical human being

Some say that love is sometimes not logic. When you fall in love, a person can lose control of himself. The originally always logical person suddenly becomes stupid, which is usually always planned to do things unreasonable, and the tough and always cheerful becomes weak and suffering. Well, this is the love kind of mania!

The love that leads to a mania usually has a dependence on the person he loves. Losing the person he loved, will make him lose himself. Before losing he will usually tend to be possessive, easily jealous, and as if obsessed with his partner. Worse, this kind of love can lead a person to delusions to a suicide decision.

8. Do you feel that you really love and appreciate yourself? Your feelings are Philautia

Love is not always about others, there is also a kind of love for self, that is philautia. But it must be remembered, love of self is not necessarily selfish especially narcissism yes. This can also be interpreted by how we value and consider the happiness of ourselves before the happiness of others.

So, if we consider the happiness of ourselves, what does it mean that this love contradicts the love of others? Could be yes, it could also not. Yes, when this love leads to egoism and consideration such as: yes, because I must not lose; and no, when love is as simple as our desire to be happy.

Basically loving yourself is part of loving others. When we love ourselves, we will consider our own happiness; from which there arises awareness that we need others, need the happiness of others, they need to be beside us, and need to love them with all their heart.9. Platonic Love. A pure love and affection grows between two human beings without any passion behind it

From the name of course is known who the first originator of this type of love? Yes, that's right, Plato. Platonic love is the love between two people with no need to satisfy each other's sexual desires. It is often said that this kind of love is the most ideal love; pure love. Why? Because love like this really love, not lust.

It may be difficult to get this kind of love. But the idea of ??platonic love must be considered by all of us. Because love does not have to be based on mere physical affairs. When loving someone, there are many things from him that make us fall in love. For example the way he thinks, his ideas, his kindness, his dreams, and everything other than his physical

10. If your spouse will accept you even if you are in a state of worship though, then her love for you is unconditional love.

Want him to change to be as bad as anything, I still love. It is like that unconditional love. Like platonic love, this kind of love is also often spelled out the ideal love. If platonic love becomes ideal when juxtaposed with lust, then unconditional love becomes ideal when juxtaposed with a moment's love.

Unfortunately, it's hard to prove this kind of love. Because we never know how unconditional the love of people, before the evils happen to us.

But do not make a mistake, you know! Unconditional love certainly does not necessarily accept the bad behavior of our loved ones. This is not a matter of tolerating a partner, but more than that. An example is you will still love despite extreme changes to the person we love. For example, when he experienced a disaster to be disabled, poor, and so forth.

11. Brother-Adek's: Not courting, not brother, no blood relation, but ngakunya brother brother

Ever heard of someone so intimate, but not courting, nor brother, and just saying that they are just brother-adekan? Well, you do not get confused. There really is. Because kakak-adekan is a kind of love that is so unclear, so it needs to be a category of its own.

Usually this type of love happens to a couple who do not want to commit. The pattern of interaction is still relatively like dating, but they do not ngak ngak. They consider their relationship as brother and sister (though obviously not blood). Consequently, physical contact, road together, intense interaction, and other things, become meaningless nothing, but limited: the dynamics of brother and sister.

Love this one is anomaly. Motives and basics are not clear. Not necessarily platonic, not necessarily unconditional; there are around philia, storge, eros, pragma, even mania, but often not identified as one. I do not know what it is, they certainly (ngakunya) nothing. One of them just said:He already I consider his own brother

The other one said:

He already I think of as my own sister.

Confused? Same!

12. Love Not Until: The type of love that arise due to clap one hand, friendzoned, not sanctioned, and the like

It is said that eternal love is a love that does not accomplish. Love is not ending, just yawning into hope. Hope that empties between the sky and the stars. Then the writer is dumbfounded.

In essence this kind of love is worthy of being one kind of love in itself. The form can be the unspoken love, the rejected love, friendzoned, the accepted love but can not be together for one reason or another. The door is: not accomplished together.

Examples of love like this there are many. Not counted, because the number of singles ngenes almost as much as the number of stars in the sky. But as a reference to appreciate this kind of love, can be heard the song of Love Until Its Rice, or Blue Sky Collapse Adhitia Sofyan. As for the movie, it could be 500 Days of Summer (2009), or the movie Love Actually (2003), in the story between Juliet (Keira Knightley) and Mark (Andrew Lincoln).

Well, for those who are in love, try terka your love it belongs to the type of love which one. If you are in the latter kind of love, then I am sorry with you. But after all the kind, may love among humans will always be there. Just as the Beatles say in the song All you need is love.

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