Social Design and Environmental Efforts

Social Design and Environmental Efforts

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By Sumbo Tinarbuko

(Illustration: Jitet Koestono, daily illustrator KOMPAS)

This phenomenon worthy of note during the last two decades every time the turn of the season, was a lot of casualties and property. Experts and environmentalists believe that the pain suffered during the dry and rainy season is, frankly, a symptom of the most severe environmental damage. Signs of such an era have actually lasted a long time. The gesture is very clear, but we as human beings never pay attention to it. It must be admitted that so far we are not concerned with environmental issues that are sustainable. The desire to simply spur economic development and dredge profits as much as possible in a short time, making us neglect to maintain the balance of this ecosystem of the universe. In the meantime, if we look at the drought and droughts in the dry season and the floods in the rainy season, the fundamental causes of more and more areas are losing the balance of ecosystems. Surprisingly, the events that followed were always neutralized with resignation and such things were then considered a natural disaster. The question is, is such a terrible phenomenon solved only by a short sentence, … yet the incident is a natural disaster phenomenon !. Pengeo which states: nature will be friendly to humans if human beings are friendly to nature. Likewise on the contrary, nature will be wrath if man arrogant to him, presumably began to be devoted by almost most people of Indonesia. Presumably the government, entrepreneurs, brokers, and the wider community prefer to exploit this universe blindly. So now we reap the laws of nature. In this case nature begins to be angry because we are arrogant to its existence. The laws of nature and symbols of such a change of the universe show us that the universe of life is plagued by uncertain direction, uncertainty of value, moral distortion, and chaotic meanings. So that comes later, in recent years the existence of life and our lives quite nggrantes (sad), worrying, and grieving. Our condition is like the sound of a proverb: like falling on a ladder. Crystals that crystallized into multi-dimensional crises have not been resolved completely. Suddenly the suffering of human life coupled with the coming of various human-caused disasters, in the form of motor vehicle accidents, trains, airplanes and consecutive ships, densely populated residential fires, market fires and shopping centers, smoke smoke from forest fires, bombs and other criminal acts, volcanic eruptions, long dry droughts, malaria epidemics, dengue fever, landslides and flash floods in various regions throughout Indonesia. As a result, many of our friends lost property, homes, parents, husbands, wives, children, relatives, happiness, tranquility, income, education, ideals, and the future. Against the signs of such times, it is even more significant when we try to reflect and reflect again on the monumental Kalatida fiber of Raden Ngabehi Ronggowarsito. Kalatida, known through his wacky epoch, describes an uncertain society. As if the universe has been reversed. God is no longer feared. People are more afraid of power and money. A new idol emerges in the form of a face of power and money becomes a means of worship of lust. Further impact, humans always deify the passions which Baudrillard dicredokan as the appearance of lust in immoral forms. This happens because its existence is strongly influenced by the attitude of rejection of all forms of moral judgment. He is more self-absorbed in the purpose of ecstasy, thereby drowning everything from subjective qualities and letting it on the nature of ambiguity. He shuns away from objective judgment and lets himself drift along with the inevitable forces of influence. In the context of religious life, it seems that natural disasters, criminality, and the various crises that hit the Indonesian nation are delivering the message dramatically. The message, implicitly or explicitly, has a religious meaning that we religious people must mutually reinforce and practice the loyalty of friends by prioritizing the solidarity of compassion and brotherhood between nations. If we are honest, the true environment is a gift of God that needs to be nurtured, preserved and balanced. For that, through the work of visual communication design, visual communication paradesainers need to invite public awareness to preserve, maintain and care for the surrounding environment that is lent to us. As a science, the concept and work of visual communication design always brings the message of ethics and morality of human life. Kedigdayaan de

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