Social Service Ala Bakmitopia; Sharing the Stomach and the Heart Happy

Social Service AlaIn terms of sharing with others, this noodle restaurant has its own way. When you visit the Bakmitopia outlet in Kemanggisan number, you will see a wooden box similar to a charity box. Only, this box has three in number. Inside this transparent box is Donate Bakmitopia Donation.

During this time, every visitor who eats at Bakmitopia is welcome to put one coin into one of the Donate Box compartments. Each of the three compartments, representing the three foundations / communities selected by Bakmitopia to receive donations.

In each program period, Bakmitopia donate Rp 5 million to 3 foundations / communities that we have selected. So this CSR will always be our routine carried out every month. said Lukman Hakim, Managing Director of PT IndoSterling Wahana Boga explains CSR Caring for Your Fellow Program with Bakmitopia.

At the press gathering event held on October 12, 2017, William Henley, President Director of PT IndoSterling Wahana Boga – the company owner of Bakmitopia brand, submitted donations to: Bina Laras Harapan Sentosa I Social House, Tresna Werdha Usada Mulia Social House, Bina Grahita Social House Love Pawnshops.

Foundations / communities that earn the most donation coins, will receive Rp 3 million from Bakmitopia. Two other foundations will still receive donations, amounting to Rp 1 million each. says Lukman Hakim.

In this event, Bakmitopia also announced the opening of Bakmitopia Pamulang outlet and the launching of the campaign of KENYANG MICE in Bakmitopia. The web series material KENYANG PLEASURE, starring Jupri stand up comedian from Pamulang.

Through the campaign KENYANG MONEY delivered the message that Bakmitopia comes with a portion of stingy, economical prices, cool places, a sense that WINS, and here the consumer would WELCOMING. Bakmitopia is a destination for noodle lovers and culinary enthusiasts, where noodle and culinary lovers can KENYANG PLEASE and donate.

You who want to share with others, can directly visit Bakmitopia outlet in Kemanggisan, Pamulang, and Bakmitopia Jatinegara which was opened soon. Full, sharing with others again!

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