Solar Energy Turns Global Warming Up

Solar Energy Turns Global Warming Up

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The use of solar energy on the one hand is considered environmentally friendly because it reduces carbon pollution but on the other hand increases global warming in the procurement of solar panels.

"Procurement of 1×1.5 m2 solar panels with a capacity of 1 kW per day requires 40 kg of coal for the manufacturing process," said new member of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) Engineering Sciences Prof Dr Satryo Soemantri Brodjonegoro here on Tuesday.

Though 40 kg of coal can directly generate energy of 130 kWh, he said in his Inauguration speech in front of AIPI scientists.

The process of making the panels, he said, also starts from the mining of silica rocks then processed into successive metallic silica, trichlorosilane, silicone polycrystalline, solar cells and then panels.

"One of the most dangerous chemicals is chlorine used in every sequence of the panel manufacturing process," he said.

As for the silica purification process required a long warming at high temperatures, said the former Director General of Higher Education.

Thus, the pollution that occurs during panel manufacture is in addition to the burning of coal causing GHG emissions (greenhouse gases), as well as chemical pollution, and silica waste that can not be recycled, he said.

In 2008 China burned 30 million tons of coal to produce. Panel required by US and EU.

"It means there has been global warming by China in the context of reducing GHG emissions by the US and EU," he said, adding that silica material is still the best for solar cell manufacturing.

The ideal of solar energy utilization at this time, he said, has also been up to the placement of solar cells in space with high orbits so exposed to continuous sunlight.

The resulting solar power is then converted to electricity and then emitted as microwave to the earth station, he said."One satellite is expected to be able to provide 10 gW of electricity on earth continuously," he said, adding that the technology had been mastered as well as making space stations. (ant / roc)

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