Some Causes of a Skinny Child

Some Causes of a Skinny ChildAffected by certain diseases or malnutrition can be the cause of a thin child or can not grow flower perfectly, such as weight does not rise, the value in the school is less satisfactory and so forth. The skinny body is more associated with less eating, whereas thin body causes can be various:

Maybe the child is less expression so if you feel hungry too, he did not reveal to his parents. For such a child as a parent must play an active role. Set a regular meal schedule for him (including snacking) and do not wait until he is hungry because he will not say it.
It is possible because it consumes too much fluid so that the stomach does not fit again for food, especially solid foods that result in the body becomes lean.
When eating at the dinner table, maybe the chair is less comfortable so the child does not want to linger sitting at the table so the children stop eating him.
Maybe he was always in a hurry to quickly finish his food. And there are certain children who do take longer to eat. Tried him to quickly finish the food, make the child depressed and could not enjoy the food.
Because the food is given less precisely necessary for its growth. Because too much given canned food or foods low in fat. If his weight is less, you should give him foods that contain lots of calories and nutrient dense so as not skinny.
Maybe he was too active while the food input for him was no longer appropriate. Many parents are unaware that the larger the child, the more activity the child is in need of energy. Maybe it's time to increase the intake of food so that there is backup available to support the growth of children.
Another reason may be because children are stressed. Whether it's just getting a younger sister, her parents are separated, unable to attend class lessons, or schedule too many additional activities. Things like this can also be the cause of the child does not appetite so thin body.

That's some of the possibilities that cause the body of a thin child. May be useful.

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