Some Foods To Avoid To Take Care Of Teeth

Some Foods To Avoid To Take Care Of TeethHaving a healthy tooth will make you free from several diseases, including toothache, bad breath, etc. To protect your teeth to keep them well maintained and undamaged, there are some foods that should be avoided or minimized. Some of these foods include:

Foods Containing Vinegar

Foods that should be avoided first to care for your teeth are foods that contain vinegar. Vinegar is corrosive, if it is united with saliva that also has the properties of acid (like vinegar) it will erode the teeth slowly. If indeed you like the type of food that bersidat acid, let alone contain vinegar then you should immediately drink water to remove vinegar or acids contained in the teeth.

Food And Drinks That Have Sugar Content

Foods that should be avoided to take care of your next tooth are foods that contain sugar. Syrup, softdrink, milk, syrup, and vitamin syrup are small examples of foods and beverages containing sugar. The remaining sugar attached to the teeth, and after accumulating with saliva and other substances it will cause plaque. Well if this is left then it will result in caries or tooth decay.

Foods That Contain Flour

Why is that? Because the flour has a sticky nature, making him accumulate and make the teeth long over time will be damaged. Therefore, to keep teeth healthy reduce consumption of foods containing flour.

Chocolate-Containing Foods

Chocolate is also a food that should be avoided to take care of the next tooth. Chocolate has properties such as sticky flour, and has a content similar to sugar. So should be after consuming chocolate should directly brush your teeth or at least rinse with water.

That's some food and beverages to consider in order to support your intention to keep your teeth healthy and not damaged. But in addition to food that is less good to keep teeth, it turns out there is a very good drink to keep teeth, namely tea. Tea contains flour that can prevent dental caries. besides flour in tea also there are polyphenols that inhibit the growth of dental caries. drink fresh and unsweetened tea.

Hopefully the brief description has benefits for you all. Good luck and hopefully your teeth stay healthy.

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