Some Grass Replacement Crops for Parks

Some Grass Replacement Crops for ParksA garden, will beautify the building. What if a house without a garden? The house will look barren, empty and hot. Unlike if in a building there is a park. It will look beautiful, beautiful, comfortable and cool. The air also became fresher. Especially if the heart is upset, the garden can be soothing, greening the eyes, instead of stress relief.

No need to have a large area to have a garden. If we only have narrow land, we can use the pots to beautify the house. We fill with the desired flower plants. This activity can also to distribute hobbies care for plants loh, if we arrange, to be beautiful as flower garden. Can also be added with supporting elements, such as a water-filled barrel and given a fountain accessory. The sound of water gurgling, will make the heart comfortable and cool.

Unlike again if we have a vast land, then anything we can pour to obtain a beautiful garden and beautiful in accordance with the soul. What is clear, a park in a building will reflect the soul of the owner of the house. Selection of some elements of the park, both soft materials and hard materials will affect the outcome of a garden.

Usually the selection of soft material is a plant that will be the filler of a garden. Whether it's a large plant, a short plant or a ground cover plant or a ground cover plant. Plant cover soil as a garden finishing, to make the garden look green and cool. Usually by garden owners, as ground cover will fill it with grass, be it japanese grass or mini elephant grass. But the selection of ground cover is not just a lawn only. Can be replaced by other plants equivalent to grass.

There are some plants that can replace the grass, which is no less beautiful with the grass. The treatment is also the same as the grass. Diligent watering and cutting regularly. Because usually, any plant, if late care for and cut it will have a bad shape.

1. Nuts

The flowers are bright yellow that is beautiful charming. Character of the plant is similar to groundnut plant. Called nuts because the shape of the leaves is very similar to peanut plants, round oval, small, and grows creeping. This plant itself actually produces nuts, but not commonly consumed in Indonesia. Many are found on the shoulders of the road. Rapid growth and almost every day flowering. Treatment is also easy, because it can grow in open land. In addition to decorating, many people who do not know that these ornamental plants can also be used as food for livestock, as a cover crop or empty land, and as a control or erosion control on slopes.

2. Kucai Mini

This mini-cucumber plant can function as a substitute for grass, can not grow taller than 15 cm. The park becomes more beautiful and luxurious, because the shape of the plant is good. The price is quite expensive. Can also be used as a plant for vertical garden. And if in a garden can be combined with various other plants, for example with broumelia or agave and others.

3. Beauty Taiwan

Also called Chupea Hyssopifolia, is a plant originating from America. The leaves are small, including bushes. Almost often flowering all the time. Purple flowers tend to be pink, white and yellow. Cheap festive, easy maintenance, the important diligent cut and tidied. Can also for pot filler loh, or for vertical garden.4. Widelia

Widiia Flower. It is a shrub, which grows wild. Many grow on empty fields near rice fields. However, it is possible to plant in a garden. Serves as a ground cover, or cover crop equivalent of grass. It needs special care to grow neat and not wild, ie by cutting it periodically and tidied it. The flowers are beautiful loh, like sunflower in the form of mini.

5. Ruellia tuberosa

Or often called pletekan flowers, because it has a fruit that if it is cooked brown and if exposed to water will break down and read pletek pletek. How to breed through the seeds in the fruit. The flowers have several colors: purple, pink, white. Although not a favorite, this flower remains eye-catching. Beautiful flowers.

6. Portulaka

Often also called purslane plants. The flowers have various colors. It has single varieties or single flower petals and stacked flowers. Not very fond of water, but also not too dry. Almost flowering all the time, Likes direct sunlight, easy maintenance.

7. Lantana

Diligent flowering, has a colorful flower. Must be diligent to cut, to obtain a neat and invisible form of plants. Includes wild plants and rapid growth. Many call it the flower of ugliness. If in the forest, this flower grows wild.

8. Bakung

These plants we often encounter along the way. Including strong plants, because it does not require extra care, beautiful flowering, even if planted in a garden at home, the flowers can be picked for vase decoration. No need to buy in the florist right?

9. Lily RainOr also called flower zephyranthes. Growing huddled, if flowering will grow simultaneously, so it looks beautiful and fun. Just unfortunately for a while, then wither. But other flowers will replace him the next day. There are flowers that are pink, white and yellow. Raising the seeds from the tubers. Often also called bawangan flowers, because the tuber like onion.

10. Fighting

Often also called Lily Brazil. Growing up. Easy growth. Have a bulb and fast breeding. The leaves are a combination of white green. It looks like grass. Can be a replacement ground for grass and not less beautiful with grass. This plant can be combined with other plants.

Well, that's 10 plants, some plants that can be an alternative to the grass in a garden. Hope can be an inspiration. Happy cultivating and gardening, yes!

Semarang, April 16, 2017.

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