Some Impressive Quit Smoking Experiences

Some Impressive Quit Smoking ExperiencesIn the Framework of World No Tobacco Day May 31, 2013

Smoking is a common thing in our country, even recently there was a statement from a female politician (former sinetron star) that clove cigarettes is the nation's cultural heritage to be preserved like batik and tempe, the coincidence is concerned smokers. Among cigarette addicts, smoking is healthful, making it more productive, enlightening the mind, facilitating the flow of ideas and the many reasons a smoker says to keep smoking. In short once smoking, keep smoking, though often coughing, hoarse voice, a pussy face, even some smoker smokers snore harder. If considered more deeply, how smoking disrupts a person and his immediate environment daily.

The lack of information on the dangers of smoking, builds the notion that smoking is good, healthy, normal, increases the country's income from its tax payment, provides employment for the small people, although research says that cigarette industry workers get the lowest wages compared to other industrial workers. The US Surgeon General 2010 ( finds that in cigarette smoke contains 7,000 chemicals and hazardous, addictive and carcinogenic compounds, does this information reach to Indonesian people in remote areas? While getting correct information about the adverse effects of consuming products, such as cigarettes, which are legal but potentially bad to Health, is massively traded as a basic human right guaranteed by the Constitution. This seems to be neglected by the government to uphold, considering that more than a third of Indonesians are smokers, and 70 percent of smokers are poor.

We forget the data and figures about the great cigarette consumption in our country, and we look at the experiences and struggles of some people closest to me to decide to quit smoking.

My best friend Atri (57), since widowhood became a heavy smoker, a week she spent 1 slop of imported white cigarettes, she persistently searches for her favorite brand of smuggled cigarettes, and buys in large quantities, along with the time the smuggled cigarette is hard to find, if any, the price wow very expensive. Finally he decided to change local white cigarettes, several times change the brand, he felt there was no match, but to buy his favorite imported cigarettes, was beyond his ability. After 6 years of walking Atri smoking, with a brand of cigarettes that mutually replace, one day bad events befall Atri. One night she woke up from sleep and felt herself spinning, panicking, she clung to the edge of her bed, but she still felt in circles, after closing her eyes for a while, she realized that she was suffering from severe vertigo. Back and forth to the doctor, checked this it, nothing found, duululan Atri tormented by vertigo, had many drugs swallowed, never healed. But one thing he did not do was stop smoking. Because of the vertigo suffering, dizziness 7 round, every time do a sudden movement, look left or right, the earth seemed to spin horrible. Finally, Atri decided to quit smoking, because smoking is getting uncomfortable especially in the state of vertigo. And the day after quitting smoking, vertigo was immediately lost and never come again until today 9 years later.

Robin (28), his mother is my friend, since junior high he smoked. Her mother could not forbid her son to smoke, especially if his son was with his friends, they must smoke together on the porch, while playing guitar, singing, chatting. Her mother thought, as long as Robin does not crawl, it's okay. Day after day, keep going, until the time comes for Robin to get married, her mother begs so desperately that she stop smoking. Robin then promised that after marriage he would stop smoking. The wedding day of Robin and Andin arrived. Robin's mother expected Robin to quit smoking immediately, but it did not happen. After a year of marriage, Robin's mother once again expressed her hope that her son would quit smoking, with the tears her mother asked hopefully: Son, you promise to quit smoking after marriage, when do you fulfill your promise to mother? Andin, Robin's wife, does not mind her husband smoking, because his father is also a smoker. Finally one day, Robin told her mother: Mom, I want to quit smoking, it's getting disturbed, have to spend extra money to buy cigarettes, whereas the money I can put aside for many things more benefits. Where do you find help to quit smoking? His mother promised to try to get Robin to get help immediately to quit smoking. One day Robin's sister said that in a big bookstore, there is a free stop smoking therapy, called SEFT therapy (Spiritua

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