Some Traditional Medicine With Soursop Fruit

Some Traditional Medicine With Soursop FruitSoursop fruit much-loved by the community because it tastes fresh and sweet rather sour. Very enjoyable when served in the form of cold juice during hot weather. But aside from being a thirst release, soursop fruit can help treat various diseases, such as tumors and cancer. This is because soursop fruit loaded with vitamin C non-volatile organic acids the body needs such as fiber and phytochemical compounds.

In addition to the fruit soursop leaves also have a variety of properties, including can reduce blood pressure, as anti-cancer, anti diabetic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti malarial, anti mutagenik, sedative, insecticides and stimulants uterus.

Soursop extract can also reduce blood sugar in diabetics by increasing insulin content and improve heart health by reducing blood fat. Treatment of cancer is resistant, as well as stop diarrhea in children.

Other benefits of soursop leaves and fruits for the body are as follows:

Protect the immune system and prevent deadly infections.
Increased energy and physical appearance and attractive.
Attack cancer cells safely and effectively naturally, does not cause nausea, weight loss, hair loss as it happens in chemotherapy.
Effectively selecting targets and killing 12 different types of cancer including colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate, lung and pancreas.
Power is 10,000 times stronger to slow the growth of cancer cells compared with adriamicin and chemo therapy. And the most proud of this fruit just kill the evil cells.

Below is a prescription treatment with soursop fruit:

Treat cancer:

Take 10 pieces of soursop leaves that are old
Boil with 3 cups of water to be 1 cup only
drink 2 times a day for 2 weeks.

To treat liver disease:

During 1 week of fasting eat and drink then consume soursop juice to replace its daily intake.

For baby diarrhea:Take ripe soursop fruit and juice sours 2 to 3 tablespoons.

For people with extin and rheumatism

Mash the soursop leaves until smooth and then put on the sore.

That's the benefits and some recipes that can be taken from the leaves and fruit soursop. Hopefully useful and keep trying

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