Sophisticated, Air Conditioner It Can Cleanse Himself

Sophisticated, Air Conditioner It Can Cleanse Himself

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Excess air humidity in the room can lead to fungi and bacteria. Even for those of you who use air conditioning or air conditioner (AC), the fungus and bacteria can accumulate inside the indoor evaporator or piping network AC.

If so, the air in the room becomes unclean and unfit for inhalation. To overcome these problems Sharp introduces smart AC that can clean itself namely Sharp All New Sayonara Heat.

"The latest air conditioner from Sharp has Self Cleaning feature which means that this product can clean itself, which is indoor evaporator or pipeline contained in AC itself," said Frans Wibowo as Product Marketing Manager of Sharp Electronics Indonesia met by Tekno Liputan6 team .com at Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta, Tuesday (28/1/2014).

With these features, continued Frans, automatically AC will work in a masksimal to remove the moisture that can cause fungus and bad bacteria that can harm health and damage the skin.

"The way the operation is quite easy, in the AC off state, users simply press the Clean button on the remote control.For 40 minutes Ion plasmacluster will be blown into the indoor unit to prevent the growth of mold, bacteria and odor on the evaporator surface, "he explained.

The plasmacluster ion itself is an innovative technology of the sharp that produces and emits the same positive and negative ions as those in nature.

In addition to the Self Cleaning feature, the latest air conditioning from Sharp is also equipped with Baby sleep mode to protect babies from excessive cold with a combination of soft and comfortable air.

"Baby sleep mode blows air from the top to the ceiling of the room and then air drops down, so the air does not blow directly into the baby's body to keep the skin moist," Frans added.

But for those who want to cool the room quickly, users can use Jetstream feature that is able to provide instant coolness. "This feature is able to provide instant coolness from hot weather, suitable for tropical climate conditions in Indonesia," added Frans again.

Sharp All New Sayonara Heat is available in four variants, ranging from 0.5 PK to 1.5 PK with price range between Rp 3.5 million to Rp 5 million. (isk)

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