Spark the Brilliant Idea, this East Sumbanese Youth Invited UN

Spark the Brilliant

Image source:, Jakarta Equity education in Indonesia is not maximized. Even in the capital alone many children are still not getting a decent education, but this does not happen to Yudianto Njepa Kaka.

Young young man who lives in East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, managed to become active activator of a child forum in his home region. Yudi even managed to come to Japan and Paris as speakers in the work program by the United Nations (UN).

Yudi who is one of foster children of Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) representing Indonesia in the international arena related to the environment. At the age that is quite young he has successfully received thousands of praise from the East Sumba community to international.

Yudi, who is chairman of the East Sumba Children's Forum (FAST), has stepped foot in Paris, France at the Climate Change and Children's Rights Conference organized by the Children's Coalition on Climate Change, organized by the United Nations from November 30 to December 11, 2015.

During the meeting, Yudi shared his joys and sorrows during his life in the most drought-prone village. He also mapped out the impacts of drought ranging from hunger, lack of drinking water, to malnutrition.

Remarkably, Yudi also found a tremendous impact of that, namely the loss of study time of the children in his village. This is due to helping their parents to find clean water and food in the forest, which is located quite far from their home.

In his speech, Yudi called his hope for support to reduce the drought that occurred in his village. First, the most important is the support of parents or family. What they teach at home can encourage positive behaviors or habits. Second, support from teachers in promoting and facilitating reforestation activities in their school areas. Then the latter is the support of the village government in making the policy and giving space for the children to take part in a tree planting project like this, he said.

The students of grade X SMAN 2 Waingapu, NTT have enriched themselves with the insights and lessons learned so far. Moreover, Yudi who has successfully represent Indonesia is not shy physically and mentally, though he is not from a wealthy family.

FAST under assisted WVI East Sumba Operations Region held a project of Debt Na Anamu or Forest for Children. This project invites children in East Sumba, to plant mangrove trees on the coast and other trees in their respective schools. This movement becomes a savings later, if the trees have grown large, they can sell it which results will be used as their education savings.

This is a portrait of the success of Indonesian children who are still able to learn and apply the brilliant idea in promoting and scent the nation of Indonesia.

Yudi who lived all-round sufficiency and even lack of permanent spirit to live his life. Yudi even has a theory of good thinking. "A child can produce good practice, but with practice, children can develop good theories and mindsets," he said.Son of the couple Markus Tay is a motorcycle taxi driver, and Warda, Yudi's mother who works as a cake seller still keep the ideals of extraordinary and noble, "My vision is to see 50 percent of children in East Sumba who until now still do not have access to school can complete elementary school for free, he said.

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