Spreading The Conservation Of The Environment Through Radio

Spreading The Conservation Of The Environment Through Radio

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To be honest not a little bit of media that can be used as a means of delivering information to spreading the environmental conservation through the radio. This is done by the radio RKU (Radio Kayong Utara) 101,5 FM together with the Trough as a form of cooperation to conduct a campaign of conservation goals as a form of campaign awareness to the community in the District of Kayong Utara, west Kalimantan.

As for the form of cooperation, among others, is the Foundation Trough (YP) had the opportunity to attend to provide information, in this case YP is always asked to fill the event or also be a resource related environmental themes.

Like for example, in some occasions the Foundation of the Trough provide environmental information to address the theme and discussion about global Warming, on (18/12/2016), last year. As the speaker, Edward Tang, Coordinator of the Environmental Education Foundation Trough and Emi Wati, one of the radio broadcasters RKU discusses, the role of the forest as one antidote to the greenhouse effect, the importance of forests as a filter of air pollution. Likewise delivered by Forceps, with the forest then the temperature of the still can remain stable or normal. selian was due to the presence of forest in sukadana, can be proven with an abundance of clean water that is not owned by kabupate other such as Ketapang. If the forest is not enough available can also cause anomalous weather conditions (erratic weather) which not rarely are also detrimental to society such as farmers, fishermen and the community the most.

In addition, in (January 8, 2017) last week, Edward Tang is back with the radio RKU to deliver material related to the Role of Forests for the Welfare of the Community, the broadcast material is delivered as one of the purposes of the delivery of information and conservation for the community in the Region of Sukadana and its vicinity to work together to keep the forest as a connector of the breath, the source of life until later.

In a question and answer session via the phone radio, there is the input of the radio listeners who reported related to the Mountain Cik Kadir located in The heart of Pulau Datok Beach, Sukadana, the caller reported that the Mountain Cik Kadir land is often taken, even parts of the mountain there is that has been lost because the land is taken (dredged) so it's very disturbing scene that supposed to be green and beautiful because it is right in the tourist area of Pulau datok Beach.

In addition, the caller asked about the boundaries of their National Park, but to answer the speaker radio Edward Tang answer; He did not have the authority to explain the boundaries of the National Park. Further according to him, there are agencies that have the authority to answer such questions.

A glimpse of Radio RKU. Radio RKU, 101,5 FM is local radio owned by the Local Government of North Kayong Regency, west Kalimantan. Radio the new stand since mid-year 2016. Radio RKU as the media provided by the local government in disseminating information to the community related to government programs, information education, culture and the environment.

Some volunteers REBONK (the Conservation Volunteers) assisted the Foundation Trough also had the opportunity to be invited by the parties of radio RKU to voluntarily broadcast and publicize conservation in the Land of Kayong. Hopefully, with the campaign through the radio, the give a great influence for the community to increasingly concerned with the social environment, culture and the environment around them especially the forest. hopefully…

Peter Canisius-Foundation Trough

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