Starting from Dolls, Disney Tsum Tsum So Game with 70 Million Users in the World!

Starting from Dolls,Starting from the iconic dolls at the Disney Store Japan, Tsum Tsum has now developed into a franchise that encounters fans through various aspects. Some of them such as fashion, lifestyle, to electronic equipment that attracts consumers from various circles, both men and women, as well as adults and children.

Thanks to Tsum Tsum's popularity, this week LINE announced that this puzzle game application has been uploaded by more than 70 million users from all over the world!

Disney Tsum Tsum So Game with 70 Million Users Worldwide!

Disney Tsum Tsum predicted to be one of the global phenomena since it was launched last October 2013 with the cumulative acquisition of the application and the merchandise sales which has reached US $ 2 billion.

Initially, Disney Tsum Tsum is a doll that is sold at the Disney Store Japan, until finally launched as a game in 2014 in Japan. Until now, the game has grossed US $ 1 billion worldwide sales. According to LINE data, the game has been played more than 165.4 billion times worldwide since its launch, with around 61.8 trillion of Tsum Tsum characters being spent in the game.

Asia is the largest and fastest gaming market in the world with a total percentage of 47% in the global market due to the high growth of teenage population as well as smartphone penetration rate. The Tsum Tsum game, available on iOS and Android, has become the most popular app in Japan, as well as the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and several other countries in Southeast Asia.

Tsum Tsum is a pride for us as a game from Japan with a fascination in the global market, says Paul Candland, President of Walt Disney Asia. Tsum Tsum has been connected with fans through various channels as well as the experience offered. This proves how Tsum Tsum succeeded in becoming a channel that introduced a new intellectual property, he said again.

Tsum Tsum is also featured in a special animated series that can be watched online as well as through Disney Channel. Tsum Tsum Tuesday is also a popular subscription service in the United States. Disney Tsum Tsum brings together characters from Disney, DisneyPixar, Marvel and Star Wars, such as Mickey Mouse and Princess, to iconic characters like Buzz Lightyear and Darth Vader!

For those of you who have never played this game, maybe you can try it. This simple game can eliminate your boredom and stress with various adorable characters!

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