Steal Worm, This Man Threatened 10 Years in Prison. What’s the News Who Take the Money To Billions

Steal Worm, This Man Threatened 10 Years in Prison. What's the News Who Take the Money To Billions

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Everyday, Didin supports his family by trading hawk at Cibodas Botanical Garden. He sold corn, brewed coffee, and head coverings. His life is far from fancy words. But lately his fate was really apes. Only because of worms, he is now detained and threatened with a sentence of 10 years in prison.

It all started from the time Didin looking for sonari worms in the area of ??Gunung Gede-Pangrango National Park (TNGGP). Reported from Tribunnews, usually Didin just looking for worms for medical purposes. But then there are people who come to him and ask for worms, which will be purchased for Rp40 thousand per worm. Tempted on the result, Didin also agreed. Who would have thought he was now in jail?

Because of picking up worms, Didin is accused of destroying national forests. Currently, a 10-year prison term is underway

Didin's arrest raises many questions, yet the animal he or she sees does not include protected protected animals. Actually not the worm sonar in question. Didin was arrested and taken to the green table, as it was considered to be destructive of the environment as a result of the search for the sonari worm. Didin was accused of cutting down trees and destroying land. However, according to Didin's lawyer, the sonari worm sought his life in the trees and in the soil surface, so it does not have to destroy nature to get it.

Many who consider Didin is sacrifice for the destruction of nature. The real destroyer has not been caught yet

Sonari worm is a special worm which if sold perkilonya can hundreds of thousands to millions of Rupiah. This worm can be used to treat typhoid or exported abroad for livestock consumption. Reported from Liputan 6, indeed there is damage to the land in TNGGP due to the sonari worm finder. Trees are felled, and the soil is excavated randomly. It is also suspected that the hunting of worms is done in groups, so that the damage to the land is also large.

In terms of environment, perhaps Didin is wrong because the capture could disrupt the natural ecosystem. But after all, maybe Didin is just an innocent family leader who accidentally gets caught up in bigger issues. Therefore, the Mayor of Purwakarta, Dedi Mulyadi requested that the person whose message worm to Didin also immediately arrested so that the legal process is not biased and the bigger problem can be revealed.

Legal case vs. wong cilik is not the first. Still remember Grandmother Minah jailed 1 month 15 days because mencurgi 3 cocoa beans?

This case occurred in 2009 and then in Banyumas. Minah's 55-year-old grandmother took three cocoa from a plantation owned by PT Rumpun Sari Antan (RSA) for sowing in her own garden. When caught by a guardian's guardian Grandmother Minah innocently admitted his actions. Who would have thought, it took him to the green table. At the end of the trial, weeping judge decided Grandmother Minah guilty and sentenced to imprisonment 1 month 15 days. Luckily with a 3 month probation period, Grandma Minah does not have to feel stuffy.

Then there are also teenagers who must languish in prison 5 years old, for stealing flip-flops for Rp50 thousand

Another case occurred in Palu. A teenager named AAL took a flip-flop belonging to a Police Brigadier. As a result of this act, AAL must deal with Article 362 of the Criminal Code on theft and prosecuted 5 years in prison. It would be ironic if thieves are threatened with imprisonment for 5 years, while top class corruptors are not much different. It also sometimes caught his life remains luxurious despite behind bars.Evil is a crime. But if a worm takes just 10 years in prison, how does he steal people's money to billions?

From here it may appear the question: but the time is left just because it is considered only a small nan small error? Certainly not. The law must be enforced. Whoever does it, evil is a crime. Therefore the law must be blind and indiscriminate. If found guilty, Didin and others should be punished. But if the law can be so assertive to a small person like Didin and Grandma Minah, why suddenly dull when faced with those who are white-collared and riding mercy?

The law must be upheld. But it's upset because the law seems to be only firm to those who can not do anything

Those who make trivial mistakes like stealing cocoa or sandals get heavy rewards. While those who stole people's money to trillions were still treated with respect and even many could run for office. He who stole a small object must be in prison, while he who steals up to trillions of free just toil everywhere. The small case is so intense, while the big cases are often left to stop.

Probably in the real world that applies is not the same as the subject matter of character of the school age. The important thing is not his actions, but who the perpetrators. If you are a small people, do not dare steal because the law will grind you mercilessly. But if you have money and power, just relax and hit the law here and there. Yet the punishment is not much and the law can you make a servant. Is that so?

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