Stop looking for soul mate, because the match is sure

Stop looking for soul mate, because the match is sureWho is currently bothered about a mate? after reading this article stop gloomy and stop searching, change the word LOOKING with MEN.

"And between His powers is He created for you wives of your own kind, that ye may be inclined and to feel at peace with him, and made YOU among you compassion and affection. Verily in that there are indeed signs for a people think "(QS.Ar-Ruum: 21)

It is clear what Allah says in the Qur'an about the soul mate, that if we interpret the word of God then we will never be upset about the dating and the concept of soul mate, how many people are in a hurry to get married and then divorced, whatever the concept of match according to they.

If we talk about soul mates, we are talking about ourselves, because the soul mate is the one who every day with us, the shortcomings will be seen and the excess will be visible, and the soul mate is someone who accompanies us today, tomorrow and later, good, but being the best partner according to Allah and His Messenger is better, not easy to be a good partner, build a sakinah family, mawaddah and warohmah is not as easy as writing it. Need knowledge to make it happen, and require patience and sincerity to run it,

Sometimes, many people are tired looking for a mate until finally upset and desperate, said LOOK I think is choosing, sorting and looking for the best fit the criteria, maybe the best criteria according to us not necessarily the best according to parents hehe, the best we think not necessarily the best according to God. Search, learn characters with courtship and others, until finally changing boyfriend just because the word FIND the match, dating then broke up and sometimes cause problems. Then are we going to keep looking? or find another way to find a mate? Stop looking, replace it with a word waiting, ah .. the wait is the most boring thing, no, if you wait for it with the best waiting. The best waiting is to be consecrated to God, until Allah will present the right and the best for us, Be praying by praying and seeking through prayer, because your soul mate is in the hands of Allah, according to Sundanese proverb.

Jodoh, Pati, Badja, Cilaka Anging Allah Nu Apal (Jodoh, Death, Happiness and Disaster Only God Knows)

The proverb is the real concept of a soul mate, the mate is like death, very close, we do not know who and when we will be reunited with our soul mate, so in waiting for a soul mate, we will wait for death, and everyone knows how to await death do good, worship the truth and be cautious with the best.

It's like we're waiting for death

Be your soul mate with piety and keep improving myself, I think the sentence about this soul mate is "a good dating for a good person and in the best place, as well as a bad match for a bad person and in a bad place"

Bad women for bad men, and bad men are for bad women too. A good woman for a good man and a good man for a good woman. (Q An Nur: 26)

The sentence is not related to the physical but related to character and nature. So what's the conclusion? The conclusion is Stop Finding Match, Replace By waiting for soul mate, waiting with waiting in content by always closer to Allah and always improve ourselves, nantilah with genuine efforts, that is by praying and present in the best place, or maybe by asking parents to choose our soul mate? because good parents, know the best for us, including our soul mate.Believe and be assured, God has prepared the best match for you, nantilah and pray, ask the creator of your soul mate.

Jodoh That Surely, More Definitely From the Boyfriend Who Never Ever Give Certainty, the soul mate is a mystery, which has long been close to not give a certainty that new to know even willing to apply

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