Stories, us, and colors

Stories, us, and colors

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All subjects have been used in every span of effort. Melakoni silly scenes on the sidelines of messages to be sent, or when smiling and saying "hi" when meeting with him, one who fills our time before bed. We are in love with the same people, kah? and on our spare time, do we think about each other?

A few weeks go by and we start meeting each other and then we get to know each other. In fact, whether intentionally or not, now we have a relatively equal clock. We become frequent meetings on subscribed mini-markets, meet in the social media hours, and the fun to then all goes well. Feeling there was no obstacle when the smile always adorn each meeting accidentally. Surprise by surprise, bases and stale are often ejected, eyes that accidentally exchanged that view becomes a silly thing that can always be missed. Maybe we miss each other.

Nothing is difficult if anyone has a similar purpose. Without going through a complicated administration, we finally decided to run a hub. We assume that there is nothing special about our relationship today. Like all adults who run a relationship, we must complement each other for some things. A relationship that never limits, because we realize that each of us is the most beautiful color on earth, and others come and go to make it more colorful. All self is colored with what it has, we believe it.

Time goes on, and whoever we are, we are never perfect with all the colors we belong to. Sometimes, there are dark perspectives present when we try to blend colors. Making the relationship grim and gray. And sometimes, we get another color when we put our colors together and work. We become things that make us happy every now and then. And never forget that, because whoever we are, we deserve to be happy with ourselves, right?

The day passes and we can still believe in what the feelings are. That over time becomes growing and getting stronger this. Thank you for the colors that we accidentally created together.


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