Story Mbak Hayu Schizophrenia He Akrabi. Writes So Its Effort Suspends The Heart

Story Mbak Hayu

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Mbak Hayu, that's how we called him. This 33-year-old young mother is so friendly to anyone. But who would have thought behind the hospitality there is a piece of life story that is so inspiring?

Mbak Hayu is a schizophrenic who keeps trying. In the midst of its limitations the spirit of inspiring others does not evaporate.

It has been 14 years since Mbak Hayu is friendly with Schizophrenia. The illness that made him familiar with the Mental Hospital

The story began in 2001, when Mbak Hayu knew the Mental and Nerve Hospital of Puri Waluyo. The incident started when his male friend visited Mbak Hayu's house. The friend brought red apple and mbak Hayu in order to eat the apple. After he eats, he suddenly can not remember anything, do not remember the day, date, again where, and so on. After eating the apple, he lost his memory and until now he is unable to remember the events of that period.

Many neighbors think Mbak Hayu is sick because it is used by others. But it turns out after further examination Mbak Hayu suffering from Schizophrenia, a disease that affects memory and memory. Since then, he must undergo EST or stun the brain in an effort to restore the memory of his brain. He must feel the pain in the brain stun at Mental Hospital and Nerve Puri Waluyo.

But Mbak Hayu is a fighter. Schizophrenia does not stop it from developing

Schizophrenia does not prevent Mbak Hayu from progressing. He was able to continue his pending lecture at one of the private High Schools in Solo. During his college Schizophrenia recurred. At that time he and his friend rode to campus, mbak hayu riding his bike. Suddenly he did not know the direction and streets to the campus, suddenly his memory disappear by itself.

After college Mbak Hayu had worked as a honorary teacher who taught English subjects. He taught at five elementary schools in Solo. But he only lasted a year to teach, because he did not have a teacher certificate.

Now Mbak Hayu promised not to enter the Mental Hospital again. Posts, so its efforts are at peace with this disease. While hoping to realize the dream of having a Quran factory that brings benefits

Last time entered the RSJ on December 6, 2014 to January 27, 2015, Mbak Hayu promised not to go back to the mental hospital. That he proved by he willing to pedal a bicycle for 1 hour just take medication from Griya PMI Cares. After repatriated from Griya PMI mbak Hayu still taking the time to help take care of his partner in Griya PMI. He loves work that is social and humanitarian. Mbak Hayu grateful to be in the midst of them, because for him when grateful then Allah will increase the pleasure.Mbak Hayu has a talent for writing, when he is in Griya as well as outside griya he often writes in his diary. This diary book became the reading material of her children. When his writings are read on his son there is hope of mbak Hayu so that later his son can follow him to write diary book. He wants every moment can be enshrined with writing so as not to be forgotten. Mbak Hayu is eager to develop his writing talent, other than that Mbak Hayu aspires to have Al-Quran factory. Profit from the business he planned to donate to children in Gaza.

All donations collected will be used to:

Buy a laptop for Mbak Hayu. In order for his dream to realize the Al-Quran Factory from writing can really be done. So Mbak Hayu keep the spirit of coexistence of Schizophrenia.

Simple laptops obviously do not cost much. But realize the dream of Mbak Hayu will make him believe that his struggle has not been in vain.

Life with Schizophrenia is heavy. Mbak Hayu's desire to remain useful to others shows that he is a great person. Are you moved to share? Your donation can be channeled through this microsite. Or We Can for Mbak Hayu

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