Story Two French Youths Want Citarum River Free from Trash

Story Two French Youths Want Citarum River Free from Trash

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Gary Bencheghib and his brother Sam are two young French origin who have a love for Indonesia. Although not born in Indonesia, they both lived in Bali.

"I grew up and grew up in Bali since I was nine years old and since then, Indonesia is my homeland," Gary said when interviewed by on Tuesday (9/19/2017).

Gary and Sam's love of Indonesia's natural beauty has provoked their concern for the environmental damage caused by human activities in Indonesia.

According to Gary, it all began when nine years ago, he and Sam surfing at Canggu Beach, one of the beautiful and exotic beaches in Bali. At that time, the condition of the beach and sea water was filled with plastic waste.

The experience made Gary take the initiative to create a student movement called "Make a Change Bali". The movement aims to organize coastal cleaning activities and raise awareness about plastic pollution.

"From now on, we are actively making Make a Change World, a global organization to fight plastic waste pollution around the world," Gary said.

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Citarum River

Last year, Gary undertook a plastic waste cleaning campaign on the Mississippi River, USA. The campaign was carried out with five of his friends by boarding a boat made from plastic trash bottles.

According to Gary, the goal of this campaign is to awaken the public awareness of the environmental impact of piles of plastic waste.

This year, Gary returns to Indonesia and visits the Citarum River, one of the longest rivers in West Java Province."We chose the Citarum River, because it is one of the most important rivers in Indonesia, but one of the most polluted rivers in the world," Gary said.

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