Strange, Young Men in Chicago Pregnant

Strange, Young Men in Chicago – To suppress teen pregnancy rates due to free sex, Chicago government officials, the United States issued a controversial breakthrough. The teenage boys 'forced' pregnant. Yup, you did not read it wrong.

Today's teenage association is much more free than it was several decades ago. It's common knowledge that teenagers are not afraid to get to know free sex. The problem of pregnant out of wedlock and teen pregnancy is not only happening in Indonesia, the same is true in the United States. This phenomenon is clearly disturbing to the parents and it is feared to have an adverse impact on the future of the teenagers themselves.


Young Men 'Forced' Pregnant

In Chicago, various campaigns were conducted to reduce pregnancy rates in adolescents. One of the campaigns by that is quite surprising is the photos of teenage boys who are pregnant. Without their superiors, the teenagers showed a big belly like a pregnant woman.

The purpose of this unusual campaign is to attract extra attention. It makes sense, because a pregnant woman's photographs are common, another breakthrough is required. Eventually some boys 'must be willing' to get pregnant so everyone turns and reads this healthy campaign poster.


Of course these teenagers are not real pregnant. Their stomach looks like a pregnant woman due to photo editing effect.

"We want to create a campaign ad that can make people aware of teen pregnancy problems and births in teenagers, and how this can have a big impact, not just on girls," said Brian Richardson, a spokeswoman for Chicago's Public Health Department. .

Writings in the campaign include:

Unplanned?This happens in most teenage pregnancies. Avoid unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Use a condom. Or wait until the time comes.

That's one effort made to suppress pregnancy rates and free sex in adolescents. What do you think, ladies?


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