Stunned Story from Blora. A Bus Trapped in a Forest Suddenly!

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Remember the story of a bus suddenly found in the middle of the forest in 2012 then? A few days ago, almost the same thing happened again. The place was not much different. They are still in Blora Regency, Central Java.

The bus driver who knew nothing, was suddenly surprised to find the bus he was driving was in the middle of the forest. According to the driver and kernet, this phenomenon is caused by a mystical phenomenon associated with ghosts. Bener not, huh? Follow the search for Hipwee Travel.

The bus departed to pick up the tour group SDN 2 Plosorejo since at 2 o'clock. Not arrived at the gathering place, the entourage began to wonder

The Jati Mas bus departs from Demak Regency at 2 am in the morning to reach the tourist rides at SDN 2 Plosorejo, Blora Regency. The journey between Demak to Blora should only take about 2.5 to 3 hours. However, until the sun rises the bus does not come.

The group waiting at SDN 2 Plosorejo wondered. Why did the bus that was supposed to pick them up that morning did not come?

Unexpectedly it turns out the bus is trapped into the forest. Driver and kernet testify they do not know anything, this could be the deed of the forest

No wind, no rain. Apparently the bus Jati Mas is trapped in the forest. Driver and driver who drove this bus was surprised! They confess that they never get out of paved road. Then suddenly the flow of electricity in the bus died without cause.

As soon as they get out and see things around, they realize that the bus is stuck in the middle of a forest! The driver and the kernet did not know what was the cause. A minute before they were on the road. Not long after, they are trapped in the middle of the forest. Wow, why yes.

Only at about 6:30 am there was help coming. A tow truck was brought in and pulled the bus out of the forest.

In 2012 then a similar incident also happened, its place in Blora also. More worse tuh story!

Blora had once been upset with a similar case. In 2012 ago, there was one bus and one truck that experienced a mystical incident. It was exactly the same. No wind and no rain, suddenly the bus and truck stop in the middle of the forest.If the bus in 2016 can be issued easily, the story of 2012 is slightly different. To remove buses and trucks from the forest, the teak trees that surround them must first be cut down. Yes, because left, right, front and back bus and truck are teak trees! Just imagine how they could be at that point? Strange, right? The mystery is unsolved to this day.

In contrast to the events of 2012 ago, calibaration has a caliber turned out to happen in 2016 forest bus entrance is only engineering! Yeah

Maybe we hope that the story of this year's ghost bus is as mysterious as the ghost bus story of 2012. However, we must bite the finger after knowing the truth.

Quoted from, it turns out the case is only engineered driver and kernetnya only. Indeed they already know that it will be too late to pick up the tour group SDN 2 Plosorejo. In order for them not to blame the committee and the owner of the bus, they finally decided to take advantage of the story of the bus that moved into the forest. They claim to be misled by the spirits into the forest. Logical alibi alibinya. Both are in Blora, put a bus in the middle of the forest will certainly convince many people.

Duh, there's nothing! And we hope there is a mystical story that exciting. Ah, it's just a plagiarism story made up. There-there is, yes

Hopefully you can take wisdom from this story huh. Do not like tricks too. Hehehe.

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