Stylish Cool New York Fashion Week

Stylish Cool New York Fashion WeekNew York re-enlivened with New York Fashion Week. That means all fashion designers will compete on the runway and the models will look stunning on the catwalk.

You do not need a catwalk to realize the dream of being a model. Street alias street style can be an alternative catwalk you. If lucky, there will be a photographer who will take your picture and continue to be displayed on the picture Instagram account for example.

Some say the best fashion show is out on the street

Well this time, Hipwee will share the article for you if you want to use outfit similar to the local models on the streets of New York.

1. The rainy season is here. Mending with sweater plus cardigan

Remember you know. The rainy season is here. That means, warm clothes MUST be in your body. Wear sweaters and cardigans with dark colors. Add a pair of jeans if you want to look boyish. Do not forget the hat, so you do not rain. Oh, yes. Make sure you bring an umbrella, yes in your bag.

2. Want to appear boho? Lace and tassel bags are the solution

You like boho styles? Then this style fits you. Wear a white lace dress to show the impression of girly plus a tufted leather bag that strengthens your boho chic style. Do not forget to wear sunglasses to strengthen your street style

3. After all, jeans overall is a friend of every woman who wants to look casual with different pants

Overall again rampant the fashionista, especially the street styler. Pair it with your white shirt and blue bag. You immediately get casual chic style

4. Cold fitting in the rainy season? Gray sweater and cream coat are the answerIf you do not want to appear boyish, mending pake outfit this one only. Wear a sweater, skirt or black pants plus a cream coat. Simple but stylish

5. Swear Swifties? Let's wear this style!

For Swifties, following her idol style is a must. But what if there is no clothes similar to him? No problem. White shirt and black pants and flat shoes are enough to make you look like Taylor Swift. Do not forget the hair braided one let add similar.

That's part of Street Style that I show. Do not forget to wait for my next article.

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