Successful Young Entrepreneurs Articles!

Successful Young Entrepreneurs Articles!Successful stories and motivations of your entrepreneur.

Have you ever heard of a worker in Wood or Pikik

internet cafe guard became a successful young entrepreneur …,

yes … sometimes we just look at the eyes of people like that.

but do you believe if the person mentioned above has a successful clothingan business, that's what happened to Ahmad Anggoro a 22-year-old boy, who became a successful young entrepreneur.

Yes … Ahmad Anggoro The man from Kediri born 9 September 1991 has a clothing business with a turnover of 100 million / month. it is not easy to get it all he started his business from scratch. this Kediri youth is not a rich man, Bapak`a is only sugar cane farmers and mothers` traders in the market.

The eldest of three brothers does not imagine having a successful business like this because he does not have great skills, Ahmad is only a private vocational graduate in Kediri.

After graduating from vocational school he was desperate to travel to Jakarta with capitalize drawing skills, vocational diploma and limited costs he hopes to become a successful person but to be successful people in Jakarta is not easy, that's what felt when Ahmad first set foot in Jakarta. He confused what work he should look for because he only graduated from vocational school.

Arriving in Jakarta he sought a small contract in East Jakarta area briefly Ahmad's story got a job as a laborer in the wood factory with a mediocre income but Ahmad still mensyukurinya, after 2 months working in the factory Ahmad wood went out and switch jobs as a cafe guard whose salary only 700rb / month. Ahmad began to think

Is the salary of 700rb / month he is enough to pay rent and the cost of daily living while the necessities of life in Jakarta is very expensive

Finally he tried to plunge into the business world. Ahmad also chose a business in the field of clothing because he saw the increasing number of teenagers who like to buy clothes with high prices ahmad also saw that this business opportunity is promising and he began to learn how to make t-shirts.With the skill of drawing and the 2 million rupiah he saved from the kerjan`s for 1 year he bought a dozen shirts and designed the shirts for his T-shirts, after which Ahmad searched for a screen printing machine, and made his own label because having his own label was profitable rather than selling label others.

Seteah his shirt so Ahmad began to sell artificial shirts to friends through social networking and through brochures but Ahmad's business does not run smoothly, in the first year of precisely 2010 he loses big money`a stolen by friends` own and the product` a lack of behavior in the market because of losing to existing products terpky known. Ahmad almost despaired and surrendered with his business venture.

But Ahmad is not discouraged he tried and kept trying to make t-shirts with innovations and modern models, he also continues to sharpen the skills of designing shirts. As a result in 2011 prodak`a began to know people because of the quality and the various models he began to reap a considerable profit. He made a t-shirt made for 100rb, with a capital of 1 / 30rs tshirt Ahmad can take advantage of about 60 s / d 70 rb per shirt and per month`a he can sell 50 s / d 70 t-shirts.

The longer the business `a growing so that Ahmad can memililiki own store and able to buy a silk screening tool to improve the quality prodak`a. Ahmad also started making other products, now he not only produces T-shirts but he also produces Bags, Hats, Pants, Sweater, Jacket, Wallet etc.

Ahmad is very grateful to Allah SWT, who has changed the way of life to become a successful person. Not forgetting he also thanks to two parents`a who always pray for him to be a successful person

At the age of the 22 years Ahmad Anggoro already has 50 workers, private homes, private cars and dispatch to two parents` to go hajj, really a successful youth.

Now in 2013 the product he named ENTER CLOTHcan compete with famous Branded like CROOZ APPAREL, VOID, SUPERID ANTHEM, MOORAGE, BLOODS etc.

That piece of the story of Ahmad Anggoro from ordinary people into extraordinary people, therefore if you want to become a successful businessman / entrepreneur throw away the word despair because behind the storm that blocked there will be a ray that can change the despair`s spirit which is raging.

Perhaps Ahmad Anggoro's success story can be a living reflection for all of us.


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