Successfully manage the environment, Cement Indonesia rewarded 6 awards

Successfully manage the environment, Cement Indonesia rewarded 6 awardsPT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk's commitment to operate a cement factory that cares for the environment has received appreciation from La tofi School of CSR. In the event Indonesia Green Awards 2017 Cement Indonesia received 6 awards, while getting the award of The Best Indonesian Green Awards (IGA) 2017.

Johan Samudra, Director of Production and Strategy for Indonesian Cement Business, Johan Samudra said that Semen Indonesia has received the Best IGA 2017 for winning 5 (five) categories as well as saving water resources, saving energy and using renewable and renewable energy, developing biodiversity, pioneering pollution prevention and developing integrated waste management.

The award-winning Indonesian Cement Performance includes saving water resources through the management of blowdown clarifier water into ready-to-use process water at Semen Gresik Tuban Plant.

"In addition to water spray, hydrant, engine coolant and sanitation at Tuban Plant, Water is also used by residents for daily clean water needs." The clean water distributed to residents comes from Elevated water reservoirs, "said Johan in his statement in Jakarta, Wednesday (3/5).

Johan Samudra added that the development of biodiversity is also an important aspect of the company. Cement Indonesia has been breeding Java Deer, a protected animal by law. This conservation is done in the Tuban plant area in collaboration with BKSDA Bojonegoro, the Mangrove Center Tuban Foundation and the Sahabat Alam Community.

Later, the deer will be returned to the wild as one of the supporting food chain in the ecosystem.

The company is also capable of saving energy and the use of renewable energy through the utilization of biomass as an alternative fuel.

"The biomass utilization program as an alternative fuel made at Semen Tonasa Plant is a form of corporate responsibility in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing dependence on fossil fuels, he said.

In addition, Semen Tonasa also spearheads pollution prevention through optimization of the Raw Mill dust catcher by modifying equipment, improving operating control controls as well as periodic maintenance of equipment.

"In Semen Padang, the company also develops community-based community-based forests, in which to empower communities and preserve the environment, forest-making models are being implemented in three urban villages: Batu Gadang, Limau Manis Selatan and Lambung Bukit with 16.5 Ha with total tree seedlings planted as many as 3300 trees, "he explained.

The Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation (WHRPG) project is utilizing the exhaust gas from the factory into electricity at the Semen Padang Plant producing 8.5 MW of electricity. Currently Semen Padang also develops integrated waste processing through waste reduction in TPA Padang by composting organic waste, making garbage bank, and utilization of waste as alternative fuel."This award also motivates us to continue to make breakthrough in managing the company, we realize that nature is very important to maintain balance, therefore, we continue to do various innovations to achieve optimal environmental performance," he concluded.


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