Sumatra Forest Lost 9 Million Hectares in 25 Years

Sumatra Forest Lost 9 Million Hectares in 25 Years

Image source:, Jambi – The condition of forests in Indonesia, especially on the island of Sumatra is increasingly alarming. Indonesia Conservation Society (KKI) Warsi states, in the past 25 years, Sumatra forest lost nine million hectares.

KKI Warsi is a non-governmental agency focusing on this environmental issue. Noting, from the analysis of satellite imagery Lansat in 2015 shows, critical land or open area increased by 556 percent. Upgrading of plantation area 141 percent and increase of Industrial Plantation Forest (HTI) as much as 381 percent.

"If the rate of deforestation is not controlled, then in the next 25 years there will be no more forests in Sumatra," said KRI Warsi Supervisory Board member Sukri Sa'ad in Jambi on Friday, July 21, 2017.

According to him, since the 1990s forest cover in Sumatra recorded still 20 million hectares. However, until 2015, forest cover remains only 11 million hectares.

"To protect our forests, there needs to be a real effort," he said.

He said the loss of forest cover in Sumatra has triggered ecological disasters and climate change. One proof is the flood disaster that is now often hit in several areas in Jambi Province.

KKI Warsi noted, between 2010-2016, the victims died from floods and landslides in Jambi reached 46 people. While the death toll from illegal mining was 55 people.

Not only that, the speed of deforestation also has a social impact. Where most of the people who live in the forest area of ??Sumatra is still at a weak economic level. The availability of food and fresh water is decreasing.

Director of KKI Warsi, Dicki Kurniawan added, although the government has issued a policy of moratorium on permits for forest clearing and plantation land since last 2011, in fact the rate of deforestation is still high.

"In addition, it is unfortunate that until now the data related licensing has not been published by related parties," said Dicki.

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