Sunbathing and Papaya Fruits are Important for Children

Sunbathing and Papaya Fruits are Important for ChildrenSun

Sunlight in the morning can form vitamin D in the body, thus helping the process of growth of bones and muscles. In addition to beneficial for health, sunbathing in the morning can also improve the good atmosphere and help your child to calm down.

Bask in the day time need to do things as follows:

Choose a location in the morning sun.
The exact time the little sunbathe that is between 7-9 or before 10 o'clock.
Let your baby's body direct contact with the sun, but avoid the sun on his face. For newborn baby should wear hat.
Start to bask in minutes. Then gradually increased the time. When the baby is 3 months old can sunbathe about half an hour.
So that your child does not feel bored should be sunbathing while in play.
If sweating after basking use a soft cotton swab to sweat.

Papaya, Fruit Important For Little

Papaya is not only a sweet and delicious fruit. but papaya fruit has a high nutritional value because it contains vitamins A, B, C and E. Papaya is also a source of fiber and folic acid. The content of vitamin A in papaya is higher than carrots. Vitamin C is also higher in appeal with citrus fruits.

Papaya can facilitate defecation and prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria. Papaya fruit is commonly used in infants aged 7-8 months. The proper way to prepare it is to prepare a few pieces of papaya mature as needed. Wash clean, peel, cored and hard parts. then cut into pieces or puree.

That two things are considered trivial but very important for the little guy. May be useful.

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