Sungai Wain Protection Forest, Spot Contrast in Oil City

Sungai Wain Protection

Image source:, Jakarta Hearing the name of Pertamina, of course our thoughts are focused on refineries, fuel tank trucks, or safety clothes typical of oil industry employees. But not a row of things that met 18 finalists Citizen Journalist Academy, while following Edutrip 2.0 with the company's plate. This time, they visited Sungai Wain Protection Forest (HLSW), which became one of the locations of Pertamina MOR VI CSR program.

Edutrip opened with an explanation of Pertamina's CSR program, before preparing to enter the forest area. Agusdin, deputy manager of HLSW managers from Yayasan Pro Natuna became a guide.

Before entering the forest, Agus reminded the finalists not to litter and make noise. In addition to disturbing the animals, these actions can also endanger visitors, said Agusdin.

HLSW seems to present a contrasting atmosphere from the Balikpapan area, although its location is relatively not far from the city center. No wonder, while hearing the material, the enthusiastic finalists capture the moment along the tracking track.

This is what the finalists await. Spot cool photos and not inferior to other tours in Balikpapan. Although in the forest, many scenes that can be perpetuated, said Agus.

He also advised that the young generation can make HLSW as one of the destinations of choice, in addition to beach or mall.

Luckily, CJA Balikpapan has a team of videographers who reliably capture the moment. So, in addition to get the impression and knowledge about the function of protected forests along with the richness of flora and fauna, finalists also get a new reference location for photos taken for millenials generation.


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