Suspected of naturally indigestion, a Komodo dragon on KBS dies

Suspected of naturally

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Animal collection at Surabaya Zoo (KBS) in East Java, once again reduced one tail. This morning (7/8), at around 06:00 pm, Komodo males are known to be killed in the cage.

The death of this 11-year-old Komodo dragon, the first time known KBS guards who want to clean the giant lizard's cage.

Knowing that, the guard immediately reported it to the management of KBS. Currently, the Komodo carcass has been evacuated and performed an autopsy.

According to KBS Director of Operations, dr Liang Kaspe, from the autopsy conducted by his side, there are allegations Komodo dies because of symptoms of indigestion.

"The condition (the damage to digestion) we know from the autopsy results.After seeing the signs of redness in the gastrointestinal tract and on the intestinal wall, we suspect there are symptoms of damage to the digestive tool of this male Komodo," Liang Kaspe told reporters, 7/8).

Is it possible that Komodo dragon died of food poisoning, Liang Kaspe did not dare to make sure. "To be able to tell if this animal is poisoned or a food mistake, it takes a laboratory test first, and it will be able to know one month ahead, because the lab results are completed for one month," he elak.

He also admitted that his side has also brought the last food samples of the dead Komodo dragons to the laboratory. "Even if the food mistake is thrown by visitors, it is clearly impossible because the visitors only give peanuts and can not be eaten, because Komodo only want to eat meat," he explained.

Just to know, all this time, Komodo-Komodo on KBS, by the KBS always fed the Goat meat. Finally, the male Komodo dragon who died this morning, ate his food on Tuesday (5/8), and was not willing to eat his food Wednesday. Further known to die Thursday morning.

With the death of this giant lizard, Komodo collection on KBS, the remaining seven males, six females, and 59 tails are still unknown children of the sex. "So there are a total of 72 Komodo dragons on KBS," said Liang Kaspe. [hhw]

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