Suspected So Predator Child, Student Achievement and Environmental Activity is Finally Arrested

Suspected So Predator Child, Student Achievement and Environmental Activity is Finally Arrested

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Again the name of Indonesia's famous campus back tarnished. After yesterday circulated a hot video that catapulted the name of the University of Indonesia (UI) student, now turn to the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) which became the spotlight. A sex scandal by UGM students was uncovered after the police received a report from the public and managed to gather evidence. Worse yet, based on this outstanding news is a case of same-sex sexual harassment where the average victim of adolescents aged 12-17 years.

As if not enough to make a commotion, after being traced, the child's predator is apparently known as a student who has a myriad of achievements because of his concern for the environment and children! Truly contradictory to the case that made its future shattered instantly yes. Instead of curious, please see the following Hipwee News & Feature reviews.

The guy with the initials PDW who was registered as a student of UGM Fisipol, was arrested in Yogyakarta on Thursday (16/11) yesterday

East Kalimantan Regional Police succeeded in arresting PDW, 7 th semester students of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM at his residence in Yogyakarta on Thursday (16/11) yesterday. PDW is known to originate from Balikpapan Kaltim. He also reportedly launched his depraved act in his home region. One day after being arrested, PDW was immediately flown to Balikpapan to undergo a series of investigations because the scene was there. Five days after being arrested, PDW was presented to a media crew on the 3rd floor of East Kalimantan Police Headquarters. When questioned, PDW chose silence.

Until now, the identified victim has 9 people, the average age of 12-17 years and domiciled in East Kalimantan and Kaltara

The average survivors still in junior high and high school are tricked by the sweet seduction of PDW. They are volunteers who join the organization where PDW is involved. Some claimed to be rewarded prizes ranging from bags, clothes, even pocket money. This is the reason that makes the victim finally willing to satisfy the perpetrators lust. PDW used to launch his action at home even though not infrequently he was willing to rent a hotel room. Until now the police continue to explore this case. Not close the possibility, it could be the number of victims will increase.

UGM campus parties through the Head of Public Relations and Protocol has already responded about this case

Quoted from Tempo, Iva Aryani, Head of Public Relations and Protocol UGM confirmed that there is indeed a registered PDW name as a student on the blue campus. But until now, it still can not comment because waiting for the investigation process. According to him, if indeed this presumption is true, the campus did not hesitate to remove the status of the student concerned. Because from the beginning of entry as a freshman, all have signed a commitment to keep good behavior and do not commit any violation, wherever located.

Miris, whereas PDW is known to be active in organizations, especially regarding the environment and children, and often abroad the name of the nation

When arrested, PDW is still a chairman and co-founder of the Green Generation organization, a community that cares about environmental issues. PDW is also active in Balikpapan Children's Forum. He is known as a creative youth and has a myriad of classy achievements. Reported by the Tribune, he was elected as a Child Ambassador and represented Indonesia in Child Friendly City Asia Pacific.

In 2014, PDW has also won the second winner of Drugs Anti-Drug City of Balikpapan. In 2013, his research paper entitled Manage Sea Pollution For Save Orchella Bresvirostris Sustainability In Balikpapan Bay, took him to the top 5 in the Water and Marine category at the International Youth Green Summit. As if not enough, PDW had been nominated Green Green 2013 2013 Green Local Hero category and was elected as Tunas Muda Leader Indonesia Year 2014 from Vice President of Indonesia.Do not think. Maybe that's the only comment that many people say. The proverbial dont judge a book by its cover is true also for someone who look good outside, but behind it all stored the dark side of heartbreaking. Director of Criminal Investigation General Polda Kaltim Kombes Pol Hilman, reported by Tribune, said that PDW had been a victim of sodomy during junior high. It may be that the bitter experience has encouraged him to commit immorality to the members of the organization or community he leads.

Now, all the achievements and achievements that have been PDW get, destroyed no trace. A bachelor's degree in sight, disappearing without any trace. The future is gone. PDW is facing up to 15 years in jail for violating a series of articles on sexual harassment. Sad, but with a myriad of experiences it is not possible PDW will achieve its goals that he wants to become mayor or minister.

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