Sweet Strawberry Plants For

Sweet Strawberry Plants For

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Vemale.com – Furnishing is a very pleasant moment for some people. Moreover, when planted plants thrive, healthy and impressive. Also, the resulting fruits are of high quality. A strawberry fruit farmer named Zhuang seems to have a special way so that the strawberry fruit he plants grows and produces high-quality fruit.

Quoted from the page worldofbuss.zom, Zhuang who manages the strawberry land in Cameeron Plateau revealed if the quality of planting media alone is not enough to make strawberry fruit plants that he plants produce quality fruit.

According to Zhuang, maximum care and full of sincerity needs to be done to produce high quality strawberries. To produce sweet, fresh and large fruits, lately Zhuang has applied quite unique and unexpected treatments.

Strawberry plant in Zhuang garden / copyright worldofbuzz.com

Every day, at least for three hours Zhuang will play classical music in the garden. He believes that the sound of music can make his strawberry plants grow more fertile and happy. As the plants grow happier, they will produce fruits that are sweeter, fresher and larger in size.

Zhuang himself has proven what he does is really useful. Now, strawberry plants in his garden have sweet, fresh and large fruits. This idea came first after a Japanese Zhuang farmer friend suggested this idea. After searching for other info on the internet around this idea and doing some experiments, classical music eventually became his last choice music.

"At first we played the sound of birds chirping, the waves and other fun sounds, the results were not so good, we were playing classical music and the results were amazing, the strawberries grew more fertile, the fruit was sweeter, fresher and bigger," Zhuang said.

Even so, this man admits that if the good planting medium, good seeds, irrigation and good sunlight supply for each plant that he planted must also be best to get the best harvest.

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