TAIGA BiomaBioma Taiga is a forest composed of one species such as conifer, pine, and the like. Bushes and plants are very little wet. Taiga's Eclectic Ecosystems Taiga gets between 15 and 30 inches of rainfall a year. In summer, the bias temperature reaches 70s. In winter, temperatures are as cold as 65 degrees below zero! Taiga is sometimes called a conifer or a boreal forest.


fauna in Taiga bias black bears, deer, karibau, foxes, jungle, martin, ajax, squirrels, black crows, and wolves, Various species of birds in summer dating to taiga and in winter emigrate. In addition there are also various insects dominate in certain circumstances such as kumbag, ants, buffalo langau (hornets), bees, dragonflies, and aphids.

Flora in Bioma Taiga is a forest composed of one species and the type of vegetation that dominates is a type of conifer vegetation, so that the forest in the area of ??toma biomes is often also called conifer forest. Among them are picea, alder, birch, juniper, black spruce, white spruce, tamarack, aspen, abies, pine, larix, cotton wood, willow, twinflowers, raspberries, high bush, rose hipe, fireweed, mosses, lichenes, crowberries, currants, dwarf dogwood, lingon berries and the like. Bush and vegetation are very little. TYPES OF CONFERENCES, flora that dominate biome habitats. Bioma Taiga is the widest biome of other biomes on earth.Bioma Taiga (Coniferus)

The characteristics of biomataiga:

1. Have a fairly long winter and a hot and very short dry season

2. During winter, ground water turns to ice and reaches 2 meters below ground level

3. Types of plants that live very little, usually only consists of two or three types of plants

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