Take notes! 7 Destinations in Indonesia that will Hits in the Year 2016. Raise Your Backpack and Bring Your Beloved, Travelers!

Take notes! 7

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Tourism in Indonesia continues to grow. Public tourism interest is increasing. Foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia in 2015 could reach more than 10 million. Really proud! Travelers, you certainly must feel so part of the tourists who make tourism in Indonesia increasingly moncer.

The year 2016 is clearly expected to be better than last year, right ?. You also hope to travel more, maybe even further. Well, make sure your traveling is still in Indonesia alone yes. You must know that now many regions in Indonesia are being incentive to develop tourism. With your hobby who likes vakansi, why do not you try to help to promote and develop these areas.

Well, from Hipwee sightseeing, there are 7 destinations in Indonesia that will rise in 2016. Hey Beautiful sister, you must explore this destination, yes!

1. If East Indonesia has Raja Ampat, West Indonesia has a beautiful Anambas is a gem on the terrace of Indonesia

In 2013, CNN crowned Anambas Islands as the best tropical island in Asia. Great right? But, do you know where Anambas is? Anambas is located on the north terrace of Indonesia, in the province of Riau Islands. The capital is Tarempa. Here, you will be treated to a landscape that is like a beautiful piece of heaven that falls on earth. You will encounter a cluster of granite rocky islands surrounded by white sand, giving rise to a vibrant green sea of ??toska. In the islands, you will find a line of coconut vegetation along the 8 kilometers, the coastline as far as 2 kilometers, as well as a number of islands that become turtle habitat. The underwater world is the best! You can feel various dive spots with various marine biota.

Anambas has now ogled the travelers as a dream destination. The good news is that transportation access has started smoothly. The islands are renowned for its elegance such as Penjalin Island, Pulau Bawah, Rongkat Island, Siantan Island. Believe me, its beauty is equivalent to Raja Ampat who has been famous for this world.

Take Adek over there, Bang!

2. No escape away from Jakarta and Bandung, there Sukabumi is able to meet the passion of tourism and your passionate adventure

Sukabumi began to be crowded so lips in the conversation among travelers. You need to know that Sukabumi is the widest district in West Java which certainly keep the various tourist destinations slick that can amaze. Nature is okay, the adventure is steady and the culture is cool. You certainly know Pelabuhan Ratu, nah originally Sukabumi tourism known from this destination. In fact, a much more exciting destinations in Sukabumi exposed to beautiful such as Ujung Genteng Beach with white sand, Cimaja Beach that waves become the darling of the surfers, Gunung Situ who always champion for lovers of photography, River Citarik hunted enthusiasts of adventure tour of Arung Jeram and Goa Cibuni who challenged adrenaline in the dark corridor of the earth's bowels.

Well, you are also obliged to Geopark Ciletuh! This unique international geological landscape holds many waterfalls that can keep you impressed. Call it Curug Cimarinjung, Curug Nyelempet, Waterfall Awang, Curug Cikanteh and there are some more. Cultural lovers were not left behind, there is the Ciptagelar Village firmly maintain the authenticity of authentic Sundanese tradition. So, because only 5 hours from Jakarta and 3 hours from Bandung, lift your backpack and enjoy how cute Sukabumi directly.

3. For the ordinary to ask, What is good Kebumen? You have to see for yourself. Sure, definitely amazed by how cool Kebumen!The usual you stay asleep when going to Jogja by train, now it's time you get off at Kebumen or Gombong Station. This district on the southern coast of Central Java will welcome you with a surprising natural charm. Ignore your picture of the black sand beaches of Kebumen. Come to Karst Gombong Selatan area, which features rows of white and brown sandy beaches held in love by the stunning hills landscape. Call Menganti Beach called New Zealand of Indonesia, there is also Karang Agung Beach which has a 40-meter-tall iconic coral, there is a Coral Reef Beach which is in a sweet cave niche. You are also required to explore the caves in the spectacular Karst Gombong South Area, such as West Goa, 100 waterfalls and Goa Petruk.

Another wonderful atmosphere of Kebumen can also be found in the Jurassic Geological Reserve area of ??Karangsambung. Try climbing into the tree house on Pentulu Indah Hill to enjoy the best landscape. You can also flatter the ancient architecture of the only octagonal rectangle in Indonesia, Van Der Wijck Castle is the location of filming The Raid 2. Okay Gaes! Yuk cuss to Kebumen and prove it is really cool Kebumen.

4. Not only in the east of Bali there is a beautiful Lombok, in the west of Bali there Banyuwangi able to attract the penggandrung destinations of natural and cultural plenary

Banyuwangi is Bali's loyal neighbor to the west. During this time, you who take a trip to Bali by road will surely pass through Banyuwangi to get across. Well, if you know the true charm of Banyuwangi, you also have to stop or focus on exploring the area located in the easternmost island of Java. You must know, how cool Banyuwangi achievement in tourism management until rewarded international achievement. Beginning in 2016, Banyuwangi won the UNWTO Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism from a UN agency dealing with tourism. Really touched.

Well, where to go to Banyuwangi? Come to the famous Ijen crater with blue fire and green crescent toska color. Exploration of the beaches is also really challenging, just take note of Plengkung Beach with its waves so surfers paradise, Red Island Beach, Teluk Hijau Beach, Wedi Ireng beach with white sand. You also need to explore the village of Osing Kemiren to know the unique tradition of Banyuwangi. Well, this area known as Sunrise of Java seems to be the one you should visit this year.

5. Instagrammer must be familiar with the beauty of the Land of the Sea, grassland seemed to be in the land of the middle of nowhere. Yet this is in Kalimantan.

Do not expect Kalimantan to have only a thick dense tropical forest, now pierced by coal mining and oil palm plantations. In Tanah Laut, a district in South Kalimantan, lies a gorgeous savanna that surrounds the sweet hills of the hills. In the past year, the upload of savanna in Pelaihari and Bukit Rimpi areas has been quite an invitation to the instagrammer. Some hope to come to him as an interesting tour in Borneo. Nothing wrong, you also should hunt for charm in the area located in the southeast corner of the big island of Borneo.

In Tanah Laut, you can also trace the fun of Pelaihari Labyrinth in Agro Tourism BP3T Tamabang Birthday. Surely you do not think in the Land of the Sea there is this unique location. Continue, you can also enjoy various interesting beaches like Tanjung Dewa Beach. Another one that should not be forgotten is the wild buffalo buffalo show in Banua Raya. How? Interesting right? It is also possible that the other side of Kalimantan is visited.

6. Clop it already! While admiring the perfection of total solar eclipse this year, Ternate presents traces of the great sultanate of East Indonesia and the panorama of nature that make amazed

Record yes, dated March 9, 2016, Indonesia will be a witness to the total solar eclipse. Luckily, you can see it in various regions in Indonesia. Well, one of the best points to see seconds after eclipse from mulau dimmed, total darkness and bright back is in Ternate. Fun, the tiny island located in North Maluku is presenting you not just a graceful moment of eclipse, but bebarengan celebration Festival Legu Gam Sultanate of Ternate which has lasted hundreds of years. Of course it is interesting not, you will witness traces of history and attractions of the tradition of the famous sultanate in Eastern Indonesia with a rare nan special moment awaited by the people of Indonesia.

Exploring Ternate also means exploring its very charming natural charm. Look at Sulamadaha Beach that can make a boat as if hovering over water. You also need to see the sweet panorama of Laguna Ternate that really epic. Well, there's nothing wrong if you are idly to grab your coins seribumu then match the panorama that you see. Can you see the picture on the thousand money is in fact exactly the one in the had7. Do not be afraid of Seram Island! His charm will only get you closer and addicted

His name is gahar: Pulau Seram. However, you will get exactly the opposite 180 degrees with the panorama presented. Seram Island is a large island located in front of the small island of Ambon. Enough with the fast boat, you three hours can cross from Ambon. Is Ora Beach that makes Seram Island start ogled as a dream destination of the travelers. The beach is located on the northern coast of Seram Island is indeed known as the Maldives of Indonesia. The wooden cottage is perched nicely on the calm waters that are held in love of the iconic high mountains. I was so romantic, I just run a honeymoon with halal couple on this beautiful beach. How about you?

Of course, because of the extent of Seram Island, the charm is not just Ora. In the neighboring village of Sawai there is a panoramic view of the sea that is not less clear and conservation of forest rich in bird diversity. You can also explore the thick and challenging Manusela National Park rich in flora fauna complete with bertakzim with traditional customary villages.

Actually a cool destination that is rising in Indonesia is very much. You can meet him all over the archipelago. Here, Hipwee is just dreaming. Well, actually the most important and hits in this year is the subject: if the destination rise pelaminan how? You got it yet? Dude

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