Teachers Are Not Always True Graded Can Not Be Graduated High School, Can Only Be Scholarship At America’s Best University

Teachers Are Not Always True Graded Can Not Be Graduated High School, Can Only Be Scholarship At America's Best University

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The story of Egyptian immigrant youth lives will open our eyes that education should not always be obtained from formal schools. Almost never in school, he made it to Columbia University, the fourth best university in the United States with a scholarship.

Education Is A Weapon To Change Life

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, the North African President who championed anti-apartheid politics spoke out loud about the importance of education. For Nelson, education is a powerful weapon to change the world. Most of us translate education as a learning process in formal school. This Egyptian immigrant youth managed to fight for the change of his life with his efforts to intelligently utilize the technology around him.

Moawia Eldeeb, Men Upik Abu From Egypt

Egyptian youth who later known as Moawia Eldeeb is living life like Upik Abu in fairyland. The poverty of his family forced him to work in plantations in Egypt until the age of the 3 rd grade. His family eventually moved to the United States to seek a better livelihood. Unfortunately, his father could not find a job. He was forced to be withdrawn from grade 4 of Primary School and returned to Egypt. A year later, their family made it back to America.

Schools Have Only 1 Classroom and Forced to Work Illegally

Life did not turn out to be more friendly to Eldeeb even though he made it back into dreamland for immigrants.

Finally I can go to junior high school formal. But the school is actually not a school. Because it only has 1 classroom for all levels. Besides, I have to work as a freelancer to help my family. It's illegal, because I'm too young to work. But my family needs financial help.

The opportunity to sit in a formal school bench that is not like this school turned out to be his last chance to get a first level education seat in the United States.

Home Fire TragedyWith a hard struggle, Moawia finally made it into high school. Unfortunately, the tragedy again happened. The house where his family lives on fire. He and his family were forced to move to a shelter belonging to the International Red Cross.

Two weeks after entering high school, my house burned down. Our family was forced to move to the shelter of the International Red Cross. To live there, we had to work as volunteers. I'm back out of school.

Pursuing Left Through Video On Online Sites

The fire tragedy caused Eldeeb not to go to school for 1.5 years. Behind a lot of lessons in high school did not make him despair. He tried to catch up with learning independently from the Khan Academy website. Khan Academy is the site of a non-profit organization that provides free lessons via the internet for anyone.

I'm chasing high school through videos from Khan Academy. At that time I was very left in basic level Algebra. Everything I learned myself. Finally I can pass the exam and be accepted at Queens College.

Scholarships To Enter Columbia University

There has never been a futile struggle. Persistence of this Egyptian youth finally paid off. Upon successful completion at Queens Community College, in the second year he was awarded a scholarship to continue at Columbia University with a major in Applied Mathematics.

Two years at Queen College I finally got a scholarship from the New York Housing Association to go to Columbia University. This is really surprising to me. Because all my friends go to the best schools in America and sit in formal schooling all their lives. While I'm not

The Key to Success Moawia Eldeeb's Version: If you believe in yourself and your dreams, there must be a path that you will find

In this video Moawia conveys some key to her success:

No matter what your education is, even if you have no education at all, you still have to believe in yourself.
By believing in your abilities, you will find help and facilities to achieve your dreams.
My high school teachers say you will never be able to finish high school and go to college. But I kept believing in myself, I finally found Khan Academy.
My beliefs and beliefs led me from a child learning algebra from video on the internet to the status of a prestigious university student in the United States.

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