That Girl Is Not Matre, That Girl Is Realistic!

That Girl Is Not Matre, That Girl Is Realistic!

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Girl matre chick matre into the sea aje!

A piece of old school song that had hits in the 90's it seemed to be a reminder of the guys if many girls matre wandering around him. The term girl matre has long been heard. The term is derived from the word matrealistis which means memeningkan material. Usually a girl is called a girl matre because it has many desires related to the material, such as a rich boyfriend or ask dibeliin this is what often make men kiosk.

All the girls in the world are the same! Matre!

But, is it true that all girls are matre? What do you think about girls being matre?

1. Parents already work hard at night so that the life of his daughter is guaranteed. Continue pas gede guy suddenly dateng want ngajak life hard together, there okay?

From small, girls often see his father hard work bone. Go early in the morning, come home at night. Although his girl knows that his father is tired, the father always looks happy. In fact, the father often came home with gifts for his girl. Her father desperately works hard so that his family can live comfortably and well. As soon as the girl is older, a guy comes along. He has not got a job yet, just graduated yet. Work is just playing games in the cafe. The guy invites the girl to be a life companion with difficult joint. Mas, there okay?

2. Boy always pingin girl look beautiful, but they do not understand the price of lipstick is expensive!

If you look at the models on television, the boy's eyes sparkle. In order to please his guys, girls always try to look beautiful. Guys certainly pingin have a beautiful girl who can be exhibited to his friends. And to look beautiful is not cheap. For makeup tools only girls can spend money at least Rp. 500.000, – not yet appropriate clothes to look more beautiful. Girls should also pay attention to the appearance of hair, legs, even the whole body. Do not you want to sacrifice money? Do not complain if your girl appears improvise.

3. Dalilnya like a beautiful girl natural. Hey, the organic is now worth twice as much. Know?

You do not have to groom. I like a girl whose beauty is natural,

Ever listen to organic vegetables that are more expensive? So also with beauty. Natural beauty treatments that cost more expensive. If you want cheap try from your girl is still small you ask the whole body wrapped like a mummy everywhere, let me keep it clean brilliant.4. Pak Ustadz said, it should have been the husband's backbone of the family. Hear it!

Have you ever seen his uranized pack on twitter? The husband was his duty to be the backbone of the family. It is the husband's duty to provide for all family needs, including wives. Naturally dong if the girl demanded to have a well-established man in material.

5. Pas PDKT guys are really good. Traktir, ngajak traveling beliin this and that, but girls do not ask too kok.

Actually girls do not demand if not fishing. When PDKT, guys often plasticity well in front of girls. Each play to the house bring martabak various flavors that he said the price of hundreds of thousands of it. Continue, love little gifts. In fact, the girl did not ask. Who's wrong? Wrong ge? One of my friends?

6. Continue, if his love is refused to say: Basic all girls the same aja. Matre all!

After the PDKT fund runs out, the guy takes the liberty to shoot a girl. The girl who has no sense of the guy honestly refused the girl and immediately broke the heart of the guy. With high excitement after being denied by a girl, the boy screamed at the top of her lungs. Girls matre everything! And who also asks buy-beliin all sorts.

7. Guys accuse girls can not wait for his struggling boy. Poor what is mas? 8 years waiting for you have not passed as well, eh the girl has gone up twice.

Girl: You any time can have income so our relationship can go more seriously? Papa nanyain continue tuh

Guy: Duh, beb! Can not you be patient? You're not clay so far I tried desperately. You patiently dong accompany me struggling to achieve a dream,

Girl: Reaching for a dream? Yesterday you wanted to be a band player to buy band equipment, now you want to be a photographer to buy photo tools. But what's the result? Graduate college aja not yet!

Not that I can not patiently accompany the guy from the bottom, but if in fact the guy does not work anything ya want to when it's nunggunya. While the girl already have a clear career path.8. Now there are many girls who work hard for themselves. Continue, there still want to postulate simple life?

Starting from the work in the bank, doctors, until the building project, various professions occupied by the girl of today. They desperately work hard to be proud of their parents and to support themselves. Not uncommon lho girls also have to work over night or work on vacation. Then, there is a guy who still wants to think of a girl who does not want to live a simple life matre?

9. Guys like to invite girls to succeed equally, starting from zero. Well, if the girl is already successful, emang he want with you?

I do not now have anything, but later one day we will succeed together,

This is ya guy mode. If your girl is already successful it seems her taste is not you deh!

10. Love capital doang not enough to make girls full even though eating rice.

Ortu girlfriend: You want to apply for my child? What do you have?

Guy: I have a love, Om!

Try you to the supermarket, buy rice, sugar, eggs, chicken, vegetables, meat, soap, shampoo, sanitary napkins, keep saying the same cashier want to pay with love. If possible, maybe there will no longer be a girl name matre.

11. Essentially, the girl is not matre. They are just realistic, life can not ngandalin just eat love.

If so far people think that girl is more emotional and tend not realistic. Obviously that's wrong. You see, girls are more realistic that life does not just eat love then he needs someone who is ready in material.So, the girl is not a matre but realistic. Remember that!

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