The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia That Are So Shy. You Want to Visit At least Once in Your Life!

The 10 Most

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Indonesia really deserves thumbs up, in the field of culinary tourism and nature tourism. Speaking of natural attractions, you can sort and choose destinations throughout the archipelago with as they pleased. So much the beauty of the natural panorama presented. Starting from the extremes of climbing tracks in various mountains in Indonesia, to the friendly welcome white sand along the coast in our country.

This time Hipwee Travel will list the 10 most beautiful beaches of all time in Indonesia. Perhaps you want to spend your vacation time, you can visit the following ten beaches.

10. Jogja is always special in heart. Especially Indrayanti Beach, it feels like to go to Jogja again!

As if not to be outdone, and indeed can not lose, Jogja also has a beautiful beach that is still natural. This is Indrayanti Beach, a beach along the coast of the Indian Ocean. One beautiful nan interesting from Jogja in maritime tourism. In fact, it is not uncommon for night hunters prefer to visit this beach in Gunung Kidul rather than the legendary beach, Parangtritis Beach! : p

9. Skip to the east coast of Indonesia. Tomini Bay and Olele Beach, Gorontalo, a piece of heaven universe located on the equator.

Nusantara is endless for maritime affairs! It is supported by the captivating marine life at Tomini Bay and Olele Beach, in Gorontalo. Clean sand beach plus blue green sea color around, a beautiful panorama that can rejuvenate your eyes!

8. Who does not fall in love with the beach Laskar Pelangi? Tanjung Tinggi beach is ready for you to explore!

Tanjung Tinggi is a small bay flanked by two peninsula. Decorated by white sand and granite boulders of various sizes, the eyes are wide-eyed, unwilling to flicker. As beautifully arranged, these granite rocks make for the perfect view. With calm water and clean blue, anyone guaranteed to feel at home to linger in this beach. But, remember, keep clean, yes!

7. Lombok does have an amazing charm. Enchanting charm nan answered by the beauty of the beach in Gili Trawangan.

Lombok is not endless! Exactly if NTB is often awarded an international award. Because of its unbroken natural beauty can be a strong reason to achieve the award. Well, that's cool, you can photograph on the swing on the coast, both couples! If the tide, half your body can be submerged in sea water. Aww! Romantic deh! Usahain, if to Gili Trawangan do not fit single. kutnya you play even the same swing starfish.

6. Pearl behind the cliff named Pandawa Beach. Magnet tourists to always visit the Island of the Gods.Bali seemed to be a magnet for tourists to spend a satisfying holiday time. The beauty of this island is as if it never goes out. A small earthly paradise is found behind tall cliffs and bushes in one corner of the island of Bali. Pandavas Beach, its name. White sand is still empty this visitor can finish your thirst for the holidays. Release fatigue with sunbathing and play sand with small waves that splashing, you can do on this beach.

5. Beach Derawan, not just a beautiful beach charming! It is also an archipelago in northern Indonesia that stores hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

Located in the north of Indonesia, Derawan Islands is the epic spotlight for tourists because the panorama is too slick! Located in Berau District, East Kalimantan, the beach in Derawan becomes a beautiful beach that you should find! In addition to clean beaches, on this beach there are hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

4. Surganya of divers in Indonesia, Wakatobi Marine Park save hundreds of marine life is charming!

Marine tourism from Eastern Indonesia, precisely in Sulawesi is not left behind. Beautiful beaches found in the Wakatobi islands worth to you sambangi. This is the paradise of divers in Indonesia, besides Bunaken and Raja Ampat.

Wakatobi comes from four abbreviated island names; Wangiwangi (Wanci), Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. Well, from the four beaches on this island, there is nothing you can resist! Especially if dapet free tickets. Duh.

3. No need all the way overseas, Indonesia has a beautiful beach that can be compared to the same Maldives! Ora Beach also has a story.

Yes, it's not wrong if Ora Beach you bandingin same Maldives. What the hell does not belong Ora Beach? The white sand that runs, the charming blue sea, and the cottages float on the water? There is! In fact, not a little meme that compares this Ora Beach with Maldives. The beach is located in Saleman Bay, Seram Island, Maluku, this recipe really deh for you jamah!

2. This is Indonesia, a country with millions of uniqueness. Pink Beach Komodo one of them, the red sandy beach is really awesome!

What should you deny again, if you see the beach burning in the land of Flores this? Pink ground is created by white sand mixed with coral fragments, cangkakng shells, calcium carbonate from marine biota, and several other supporting species. Well, once you set foot in Komodo National Park area, East Nusa Tenggara, guaranteed you will not stop amazed! Snorkeling and diving into an agenda that you can not miss, because here are stored hundreds of marine life is captivating! Keep them safe, yes!

1. Without question, we have agreed. The most beautiful beach in Indonesia is in Raja Ampat, West Papua!Without denying anything, we certainly agree, that the most beautiful beach in this country is Raja Ampat in West Papua. Islands are composed of a cluster of islands has a very charming beach. Honeymooning on the beautiful white sand in Raja Ampat is the right choice! Hence, from now on work and the right nose. Let honeymoon in Raja Ampat! : p

Exploring Indonesia is like draining water in the ocean!

Hah? Vain??

Not! That is, there is no abisnya!


Well, that's 12 most beautiful beaches according to Hipwee Travel that must, kudu, mandatory, you sambangi before deciding to vacation abroad. Have a nice trip, Gaes!

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