The 10 Most Fragrant Flowers in the World

The 10 Most Fragrant Flowers in the World

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Flowers are one of the types of ornamental plants that have long been used for our beautiful home page. In addition, the flowers also have a beautiful shape and attractive scent makes it as a symbol or symbol of various feelings and affection. Here are some of the most fragrant types of flowers in the world:

1. Jasmine
Jasmine or Jasmine fragrance has indeed made it a popular flower throughout the world. There are more and more 200 species of jasmine flowers and in Indonesia one of them is Melati Putih (Jasmine Sambac), which has been used as a national symbol. Having a clean white color is also made jasmine as a flower that is presumed "Symbol of Sainthood" and purity. This plant can grow at 3 to 5 mtr .. Except very familiar to its function which is often used as bridal accessories, in some countries, this jasmine flowers can be used as tea and raw material perfume maker.

2. Rose
Rose, who does not understand this type of interest. Flowers are very popular as an expression of love and affection. Before the development of horticultural technology, roses in ancient times so very fragrant. However, at this time has seen a lot of new cultivars that do not smell (like rosa bankisae). Roses are often used as cut flowers and as perfume basic ingredients, therefore, the rose is one of the commodities of high economic value.

3. Frangipani
The name Frangipani came from the name of the Italian nobleman of the 16th time for the perfume of this flower extract. In English, it is called plumeria and in Indonesia it is called Flower of Cambodia or Cempaka Save. It is common knowledge that Asians often associate this frangipani flower therefore there are some mystical things, such as death, grave, ghost, etc. It is possible to just take this kind of thing because frangipani flowers can spread the fragrant smell of fragrant at night. In fact, it is a way to attract insects to do pollination on the frangipani flower. Except for having a beautiful color and distinctive aroma, frangipani flowers are also useful for the health of the body and the healing of several types of diseases.

4. Sweet Alyssum
Lobularia maritima or Sweet Alyssum or Sweet Alison (often also called Alyssum), not only has a beautiful name, but also has a fragrant aroma that is no less compelling. The flowers are white with a very low stack to the ground to almost the same green carpet. For you who want to create beautiful home page or garden but have minimal funds, Sweet Alyssum flower is one of the options that fit, the seedlings are easy to grow, because simply sown with a fairly simple treatment as well.

5. Chocolate Cosmos
Cocolate Cosmos (Cosmos astrosanguineum) comes from Mexico, has a dark red color. The fragrant aroma of vanilla and the same also also the chocolate candy is seen when the flower blooms in summer. Although this flower has a fascinating aroma, but beware, never never ever have you tasted it because these flowers are poisonous. Now this plant only survives as a single non fertile single clone of th vegetative propagation. 1900s. The original plant suspected to have been destroyed since the beginning of 100 years. that time.

6. Wisteria
In South America the sweet scent of Wisteria that spreads in the air is the sign of spring coming. In Japan itself, it is called Fuji Musume and is thought to be a beautiful flower after Sakura's flower. Wisteria flower itself is a vine (there are berbentuj ornament) with the color purple, violet blue, white and pink. Flowers that dangle down give the sensation of calm for those who sit fit under it.

7. Sweet Pea
This flower is popular with the fragrance of the flowers (although not all of them are varieties), Sweet Pea (lathyrus odoratus) in the form of vines with a height of 1-2 mtr .. Since starting more 300 years. ago "Sweet Peas" has been bred as an ornamental plant

8. Lily of the Valley
This flower is thought to be a symbol of "Purity of Love" it has been realized to bring good luck and eternity. No wonder if this flower we often found in the wedding flower arrangement. This green (perennial) plant, although it has a very attractive aroma, but actually has a poison that has the possibility and can cause death if consumed too much, and you need to know that the Lily of the Valley flowers are included into 10 Most Deadly Toxic Flowers.

In the summer, the scent of Gardenia's flower that protrudes from its bush plants gives a general outward sensation. The flowers are white has become the inspiration of several popular perfume brands such as Chanel's Gardenia and Marc Jacobs Eau de Perfume. This plant reaches a height of 6-8 feet and requires fertile soil, penyisource:

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