The 15 Most Thrilling Airports In The World

The 15 Most Thrilling Airports In The World

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The airport is a must-visit place when you travel. Ever not stunned when entering an airport that looks really WOW? Want to know which airport in this world is quite extreme and worthy of you to come?

Ahead of the holiday at the end of the month, Hipwee will love info about the extreme airport in the world. Who knows could be your reference. There is also an Indonesian airport here!

1. Princess Juliana International Airport, Saint Martin: Airplane landed on your head

The international airport is located on the Dutch side of the Caribbean. Built in 1942 as a military airport, Princess Juliana airport became a civil airport in 1943. The increasing number of tourists coming to the airport keeps on improving the facilities and service quality.

What is unique about this airport is the scenery you can meet when a plane will land. In short the runway directly opposite the sea makes the plane must fly very low when it will reach the runway. In fact, under it there are people who are enjoying the beauty of Maho Beach.

Although it looks dangerous, but has never reported any casualties caused by the plane that was about to land. If you are a plane lover and want to feel the adrenaline watching the fuselage that is flying from close range, must really come to this airport.

2. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba Islands: The World's Shortest Platform

Still from Caribbean Islands. Juancho E.Yrasquin Airport is the only airport operating in the Saba Islands. Extreme, this airport has the shortest runway in the world. The runway length is not more than 400 meters! This keekstreman is still coupled with the high cliffs around the airport.

Because of this airport is considered to be the most challenging airport, even for professional pilots though. The jet plane can not land at this airport due to the shortness of the runway. Only small planes can safely land here.

3. Madeira Airport, Madeira Islands: Surrounded by Sea and Hill

Formerly known as Santa Catarina Airport, this one airport is located on the Madeira Islands in Portugal. In short the airport runway, only 1300 meters make this airport become one of the airport is quite dangerous.The scenery around Madeira is also very unique. On one side is the sea surrounding the runway, and the hills on the other.

4. Lukla Airport, Nepal: The Door to the Top of Everest

The name of this airport was actually replaced in 2008, with Tenzing-Hillary Airport. The name is taken from the name of two climbers who first made it to the summit of Mount Everest. Lukla Airport is famous for its close proximity to the climbing basecamp of Mount Everest.

Located at an altitude of 2900 meters, Lukla Airport is often shrouded in mist and drizzle. Even sometimes you can see clouds covering the surrounding mountains clearly.

5. Courchevel Airport, France: Airport Without Directions

Courchevel Airport is located in Rhona, Alpes, France. The airport is designed to cater to the needs of tourists visiting the famous ski resorts of Courchevel. In addition to having a short runway length, only 525 meters of this airport also has a steepness rate of 18.5%. A fairly extreme number to make it one of the most dangerous airports.

Oh yes, the airport is always covered in snow has also appeared in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond lho. Still less challenge? At Courchevel Airport you will not find the facility of instruction and instructions to help the pilot during the landing. Landing at this airport when dark conditions are foggy will be impossible.

6. Barra Airport, Barra Islands, Scotland: The Only Sandy Airport In The World

The airport is located in Scotland is very different from other airports in the world. When another airport builds the runway, this airport makes the Traigh Mhor beach the foundation.

The density of beach sand makes it suitable for small plane landing. When there is a low-flying aircraft, beach visitors must leave the plane to make the landing.

7. Airport With Platform Ice, Antarctica: Landed Greeted PenguinThis extreme place is not used as a commercial airport, but is an important part of the United States Antarctic Program, a United States research agency on the Antarctic Continent. As the name suggests, the aircraft coming here will land on the natural ice sheet.

Pilots who have landed on ice sheets say that although they are not as common ground, the landing can still be done safely and steadily. The pilot's caution is necessary when the aircraft brakes. If not careful could the ice shatter layer and plane into the water. Uniquely again, the funny penguins also often stop by the runway.

8. Gibraltar Airport, Gibraltar Islands: Highway Amid the Platform

The airport that serves civil aviation in the Gibraltar Islands has been in operation since 1939. Interestingly, amid the airport runway there is a highway that divides the city. At the end of the runway, the plane still had to avoid the Gibraltar Sea.

Every plane is about to fly or land, then the road will be closed. In 2012 Gibraltar Airport entered as the Most Dangerous Airport To Release and Landed the Daily Telegraph version.

9. Toncontin International Airport, Honduras: Surrounded by Hills

Civilian and military airports in Honduras are known to be very dangerous because it is surrounded by hills that can complicate the landing of aircraft.

Since 2009, the Airport Corporation of Tegucigalpa has made remedial efforts to facilitate flights and landings here. One side of the cliff is trimmed so that the steepness level during landing and takeoff decreases significantly.

10. Saint Bart Airport, Saint Barthelemy, Caribbean Islands: Hit Or Hurting the Sea?

The airport only serves flights for small planes that want to enter the territory of Saint Barthelemy in the Caribbean Islands. Naturally, if the Boeing plane will not get in here. The entrance to the landing site is directly adjacent to the highway and is very narrow.

While at the end of the runway there is the Caribbean Sea waiting to be avoided. The airport security authorities put signs around the beach so that people do not sunbathe near the runway location, or own responsibility if the life is flying.11. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport, Ende, NTT: Surrounded by Hill and Mountain

Located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara, this airport is surrounded by hills and mountains that are right near the runway. Therefore, the plane that is about to take off or landing needs to turn up to 90 degrees.

It has a runway length of 1,650 meters and a width of 300 meters. The airport which is also the entrance to Ende Regency only serves flights with pioneer aircraft. Oh yes, if you want to climb Mount Kelimutu Hipwee ever wrote in 20 Decent Places Didaki In Indonesia you also have to stop at this airport.

12. Djalaludin Airport, Gorontalo: Cow Enter Airport

In August 2013, the national aviation world was struck by the news that there was a herd of cows that entered the airport runway. These sinless cows have caused the slip of the Lion Air Boeing 737 series 100 aircraft. The plane has slipped to avoid a collision with a cow. 2 people reported minor injuries due to the incident.

The entry of cattle to the airport runway shows the negligence of airport authorities in maintaining the sterility of the location for the safety of passengers. Well, even though we are an agrarian country and familiar with cows but it is not necessary until they enter the airport too.

13. Sentani Airport, Jayapura: Spittle Pinang Everywhere

Sentani Airport is the first door when you enter the city of Jayapura. The scenery is really beautiful. The green hill looks as far as the eye can see. Uniquely, at this airport you will find a ban sign that you will not meet in any part of the world.

Not only a sign of smoking ban, but here you will also find a ban to throw pinang arbitrarily. Yep, this airport was very dirty because of the habits of Papuan people chewing pinang then throw their red saliva around the airport. Starting several years ago the airport provided a special plastic to remove the spit betel.

14. Torolelo Airport, Ngada, NTT: Airport Can Be Closed Due to Regent Ngambek

Extreme extremity occurred in the aviation world of Indonesia in mid-December 2013. Marianus Sae as Regent of Ngada unilaterally closed the airport for not getting tickets for a sudden flight from Jakarta to Ngada.The Bupati's anger caused him to feel that the airline did not try to help him get a plane ticket to attend the parliamentary session, which he claimed was an indifferent to the interests of the Ngada people. The regent's supporters then blocked the airport and forbade the landing aircraft from returning to Ende. I think this can only happen in Indonesia deh

15. Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport, Pekanbaru: Airport With The Cleanest Toilet

Not all Indonesian airport extremes are caused by bad things. We also have an extreme airport because of it. The airport in Pekanbaru holds 1st place from all airports in various parts of Indonesia as airport with cleanest toilet.

Due to its cleanliness, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy conferred 4 Stars in the Clean Sapta Enchantment Award 2013. Hopefully the cleanliness of this one airport will soon be followed by another local airport.

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