The 20 Most Peaceful Countries That Will Make You Want to Move Abroad

The 20 Most Peaceful Countries That Will Make You Want to Move Abroad

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The Australian-based Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP Institute for Economic and Peace) re-released The Global Peace Index, a list of the world's most populous countries. In the list there are 162 countries sorted by various sources, such as the World Bank and some UN organizations. Peace according to The Global Peace Index is based on 22 indicators, including the presence or absence of armed conflict, high low open violence and organized crime, the high low level of military spending, the strength of the role of the police, and the existence of a democratic system of government.

Well, in this article Hipwee will share the list of 20 most peaceful countries that might be your choice of residence someday. Come on, see!

1. Iceland

Apart from the incredible natural scenery, Iceland apparently has a not-so-cool performance. All the population of 300,000 people is not illiterate. The educated population also has good tolerance towards minorities.

In Iceland, the murder rate is 1.8 per 100,000 population or very low. Compare with America Serikay, which recorded 5.8 per 100,000 population per year.

2. Denmark

The Danes are called the happiest in the world. The motivation numbers of the workers are very high. In fact, also applied welfare system that envies almost all the inhabitants of the world. Although taxes in Denmark are high, the money is spent on making public facilities so that the Danes can live relaxed and organized.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the least polluted countries. 90% of immigrants in New Zealand will certainly recommend the country to their family and friends.

New Zealanders can also take time off so they can have more time to enjoy the sights and sports facilities in this Kiwi country.

4. AustriaAustrian teenagers can participate in elections at the age of 16, but they can only drink alcohol at the age of 18 years. Austria offers a clean environment, easy transportation system and smooth, and low crime rates as well. Reportedly, you can get a bottle of wine for only $ 4 or about 40,000 silver aja lho!

5. Switzerland

The secret to why the average Swiss is healthy and happy is because the government provides excellent educational facilities, jobs and health services.

As is known, Switzerland is one of the most stable economies with a low average inflation rate. In addition to being very open to immigrants, Switzerland also guarantees religious freedom to all its citizens.

6. Japan

No need to worry about clean toilets when visiting Japan. The country famous for its Sakura flowers is emang famous. In Japan, culture and technology can complement each other so that it might make other countries jealous. Although some say that the Japanese are notoriously hard, in fact they can build a high-tech and peaceful country in a short time.

7. Finland

If you do not mind living in a country with a relatively long winter, maybe Finland could be an option. In this country there is almost no corruption and class differences in society are very small. Meanwhile, gender equality is highly respected in Finland.

Having the best practical education system in the world, Finnish children live with clean, fresh air and very low levels of ADHD (developmental disorder in children).


Do you know if the average household income in Canada is $ 28,000 or about 280 million per year? It is one of the highest in the world, even one of the highest among other OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries. So, in terms of economic and natural, Canada emang really suitable choice of place for your dream home in the future.9. Sweden

Yup, Sweden entered the ranks of the top ten most peaceful countries that could be your choice of residence. If you want to enjoy the snowy winter as well as the cool summer season then Sweden is the right choice. High standards of living make Sweden a country with a good social life. The country is also famous for its clean government and independent media.

10. Belgium

This country is best suited for you who are fond of drinking beer and eating chocolate. In addition, suitable also for you who love the same rain. Belgium is a country with many beautiful old towns, with museums and ancient buildings are very well maintained. Belgium is also very close to Paris, Amsterdam, and London, making it easy for you who like to go for a walk. Just 70 minutes away by fast train you've got to London!

11. Norway

Norway is among the safest countries with very few prisons. Meanwhile, the level of prosperity and happiness in this country is also very high. Allemannsretten is a Norwegian national law that guarantees the freedom of its citizens to enjoy nature. For example, you want to camp, swim in a lake, take water, or do activities in other realms.

Norway is able to protect the rights of its people as well as crown itself as one of the most beautiful country in the world

12. Ireland

Reportedly, the Irish people are very friendly and fun you know. In addition, the famous natural scenery is amazing. Ireland has the lowest mortality rate among countries in the United Kingdom. Besides having never experienced an earthquake, Irish citizens are also very fond of farming and horseback riding.

13. Slovenia

This one country scores higher than Britain as the most child friendly country according to UNICEF. Slovenia has a beautiful countryside and a variety of typical Italian-influenced food and some neighboring countries around it.Uniquely, you may feel very comfortable living here because there are only 1000 people imprisoned from the total population of Slovenia as much as 2 million inhabitants.

14. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a wealth of amazing traditional music. The Czechs are very proud of the rich history, art, and music. The Czechs love to spend time watching theatrical performances while enjoying their traditional snacks. In addition, Czech people also really like to drink beer. One that is quite unique is the presence of 34% of Czechs who claimed atheism.

15. Germany

Another country that so appreciates history, art, and music as a tradition. Yup, Germany does have to enter the list of the most peaceful and comfortable country in the world.

The country has a high standard of living and a well-functioning community organization. Nature tourism, traditional markets, and the sight of tourist towns like in fairy tales will make you more excited to live in this 2014 World Cup winning country.

16. Australia

A place suitable for you who want to stay young and live healthy. Yup, Australia has clean, fresh air, and good climate. In this country, the life expectancy of the population reaches the age of 82 years.

In addition, the Australian economy is quite well established as it depends on the mining sector. Well friendly people and great natural wealth make Australia worth reckoning with.

17. Singapore

Referred to as the most orderly city-city in the world, Singapore has a well-preserved and beautiful landscape. Singapore is also at the forefront of greening the energy sector, water conservation and the environment. The country is also famous for welcoming foreign tourist arrivals.18. Portugal

Portugal is a haven for golfers as there are many world-class golf courses offering beach views. The warm climate of Portugal also strongly supports the development of its tourism sector.

In this country, the crime rate is low and the rhythm of life is very relaxed. So, for you who want to enjoy old age with a relaxed life may really move to Portugal.


One of the richest countries in the world where gasoline might be cheaper than water. Yup, Qatar is a country that is ready to pamper you with a variety of luxury facilities. Scenery in the form of skyscrapers makes you believe that this country really modern emang.

Caveat: Preparing for the 2022 World Cup, the United Nations estimates that Qatar will be visited by more than 500 immigrants daily so that problems with service facilities are common.


The Bhutan Government realizes that the happiness of people's lives can not be measured by how many cars or supermarkets. But, more on the affairs of health, welfare, and education for the community.

Bhutan is a country most of whose population is Buddhist. It is in the Himalayas close to India and China. However, as the Bhutanese monarchy is struggling to form a truly democratic government. In addition, Bhutan also faces challenges in improving the effectiveness of its urbanization program.

Well guys, about why ya Indonesia not in the ranks of the safest countries in the world? In fact, for the affairs of beauty and natural wealth we do not lose lho same countries above. Yup, the fact is still too much violence, injustice, and conflict that happened in our country. So, our duty and the next generation to make Indonesia better and more peaceful yes!

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