The 5 Most Expensive and Most Enduring HP Manufacturers in the World

The 5 Most Expensive and Most Enduring HP Manufacturers in the World

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Are you a nature lover or an extreme sports activist? Or you're a mobile worker who often works in extreme and dangerous environments. For example in offshore mining or refineries. You definitely need a gadget that can be used in extreme conditions. For example a smartphone that is waterproof and has a strong body, so it is not easily damaged when not accidentally kebanting. Apparently many tablets mobile phone manufacturers who pay attention to this. These are the 5 most extreme and most resilient HP manufacturers in the world.

The following HP Android manufacturers are consistent in making products that can be used in all conditions, weather, place, and climate. HP Android with sturdy and tough model is perfect for you who are familiar with the hard working environment. For example in mining or construction. Suitable also for you who often adventurous in the wild. Or for you who want to look "macho". Here's the review:

1. Samsung

Samsung is a brand of HP Android is very famous in the world. Even leading the best sales for many years around the world. But did you know that Samsung is also one of the manufacturers of HP-type outdoor? Samsung has a lot of HP variant resilient. Starting from a candybar alias bar, until the Android smartphone series called Galaxy X-Cover. In addition, Samsung also issued an Active series for its Galaxy S variant.

This year, Samsung issued the latest type, the Galaxy X-Cover 3. HP Android gahar is already pocketed IP67 and MIL-STD-810G certification. This Android phone can dive to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes, dust, salt, vibration, up to extreme temperatures and solar thermal radiation. See, here's the extreme test video.

Unfortunately, the Samsung type outdoor HP is not officially sold in Indonesia. But you can get it, kok in various online stores that exist.

2. Sonim

Probably not many people know the HP Sonim brand. But if you're a fan of outdoor and extreme gadgets, you know. Sonim is a HP brand that consistently produces a variety of outdoor HP with exceptional durability. Here's their extreme way to test their device's toughness:

Well, if this is their latest product, Sonim XP7.

If you want to have extreme HP from Sonim, a lot of it is selling in Indonesia. The price is quite expensive. In addition, since there are no distributors or authorized representatives, you will find it difficult to claim a warranty.

3. CaterpillarYou who study or work in engineering, especially civil engineering, certainly not foreign to the brand Caterpillar or CAT. You may know that Caterpillar is a vehicle and heavy equipment manufacturer in construction and mining. Well, it turns out CAT also began to spread its wings and penetrated the world of gadgets, especially smartphones. Check out the extreme videos:

Their latest product is the CAT S40 which has a sophisticated smartphone specification of today with tremendous toughness.

4. Casio

If you hear the Casio brand, you may be thinking of calculators and watches. You also must be familiar with the brand of G-Shock gahar watch. Apparently Casio also issued a tough HP named G'Zone. This is a Casio G'Zone Commando video that was dropped many times, then blown up.

5. Energizer

Energizer is well known as a very popular battery manufacturer in the world. Their alkaline-made batteries have great strength and long endurance. Apparently they also produce HP Android, loh! Their HP Android series are named Energizer Energy. There are 4 types of products that are made, namely Energizer Energy 200, 240, 400, and 500. HP Android is already pocketed IP68 certification aka dust and water resistant to the maximum. His sturdy and sturdy body ensures the power of this Android phone when slammed.

Well, that's a few manufacturers that bring a variety of HP resilient to meet the needs of you who are in extreme environments. You do not need to be afraid anymore your HP quickly damaged because of frequent kebanting, getting rain, invited to dive, even soaking in mud. Which one is your favorite? Love your opinion through the comment field below.

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