The 8 Horror Games from Asia that are so creepy you can not sleep

The 8 Horror Games from Asia that are so creepy you can not sleep

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Many who admit hate when scared, but still hooked aja listen to horror stories. The hairs on the nape stand, the fingertips frozen, the chills, and the cold sweat pouring down is a sensation of fear that is second to none. Whether it's the stories of old myths, legends, and fiction stories all managed to make you feel calm when you enjoy it. But that's where it's delicious!

Prove that you are brave. Prove that you are rational and skeptical do not believe in anything intangible. You can prove it if it has managed to finish these super horror games. FYI, these 8 games are Asian-made, to know for themselves the reputation of Asia in the world of entertainment horror genre how?

1. Tell No One

Cultivated by Malaysian developer, Spacepup Entertainment. Tell No One will bring horror to your spine. Why? Because the game is based on a true horror story. You know what else? Spacepup Entertainment explores horror figures from across Southeast Asia. Most likely, an entity that likes to peek you from the darkness of the attic of a house, now you can see clearly in this game.

2. Siren

This Japanese game called Siren will take you to a gray world that instantly makes your life despair. How come? Various obstacles haunted along the course of the game. Not to mention there is no entertainment music. Just a muffled sound and faint whispers throughout the game.

3. Cambodia: Haunted Hut

The work of Osja Studio is often forbidden to circulate. They innovate with a special fear element that will tremble to the tips of the fingers. Just banned pictures, you still dare to download this game on Google Play? Watch out for a lot of disturbing picture that makes your eyes can not be closed when you want to sleep for fear at night.

4. White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

This terror-filled game on Valentine's Day is a masterpiece from South Korea. Talking about the passionate desire of a high school girl's love for a girl when White Day (similar to Valentine's Day, only more devoted to the man who gives chocolate to his love girl). Imagine you are caught in a mystery at school, where everyone goes mad and kills each other. Just to give chocolate to your idol girl.

5. NightfallThe night comes with the gloom. Humans always have excessive fear of things they do not know. Since the era of early humans, switching the ancient civilization, until in post-modern era now, the arrival of night is the time mystery began to spread fear. What was hiding in the dark, made the goosebumps and eyes blink. Unusual things come up during the day.

6. Lurking

Unlike most horror stories that give a shock effect on the eyes. Lurking is a Singapore-made Digipen game that relies on sound as a source of fear. The visuals are mostly in the dark. The developers of this game know, which gives courage to humans is light so that makes it able to see and learn. When it's dark, you know nothing and suddenly, your consciousness vanishes. This game relies on the lines to give shape to the surrounding environment, like bat see using the reflection of sound waves.

7. The House

This game is also out of sequel, The House 2. You can play it for free, just try on-google. Indeed at the beginning seen only images of children using crayons. Unfortunately, Thailand is concocting a horror in a different way. This game offers a pathetic flat life in a story full of prey and gloom. Bitter is a new form of fear, not just the shock of seeing a figure unusual in the eye.

8. DreadOut

Already many who are familiar with the game from the developer of Indonesia called Digital Happiness this. You play a character with a third-person point of view, a high school student named Linda. He woke up in a wooden house like in the village at midnight. Outside there were gardens inhabited by a tall, large, shady tree but filled with visible creatures.

Test your courage by playing the 8 games above. With room locked, light on and off headphones in ear. But once finished, do not blame us if you tremble under the bed blanket fears. Or worse, some of you are getting under the covers.

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