The Bad Smell in Your Room Will Be Missed With These 7 Natural Materials. You Can Make It Yourself!

The Bad Smell in Your Room Will Be Missed With These 7 Natural Materials. You Can Make It Yourself!The bathroom is the hardest part of the house and the old cleaning process. And the smell of the bathroom is also the most uncomfortable among other places. People say if the bathroom is clean, the whole house is clean. This standard then causes the emergence of products manufacturers who can clean it quickly and practically.

Use the manufacturer's product is easier, but if constantly used, the impact is also not good, especially if it is perfume. Because you're tantamount to inhaling poison into your body. If the cleanser may yes wear the manufacturer, but for the bathroom mendar mending wear natural. Hipwee Tips will tell you how to make it. Calculate savings

Before using fragrances, make sure the air can enter the bathroom, whether using a fan or through ventilation

The bathroom needs fresh air to get into it. Therefore, after BAB or BAK as much as possible first open your bathroom door. Unless your bathroom has ventilation, usually at the door there is a slight wind, or a small hole in the upper wall.

Clean all the dirt in every corner of the bathroom, if not clean, just use the fragrance that you have prepared later

Well this is most delicious emang wear products manufacturer because usually its strength to clean more powerful than natural materials. Let you not spend time also to brush it for long. But note also the products that you use so as not to damage the floor, tub, or toilet in your bathroom.

Soak up the unpleasant smell of the famous bathroom, so that the smell of your fragrance more maximum benefits

To absorb the odor you do not have to buy the manufacturer's products because there are so many cheap natural materials that you can use. Some of them are baking soda, salt, white vinegar, and chalk.

1. Baking soda

baking soda

Method 1: mix 2 cups water, 1 tbsp white vinegar, 1 tsp baking soda, and 10 drops of essential oil then put in a spray bottleMethod 2: Place baking soda in a container (small jar or bowl open) then change every month to stay effective to absorb odors.

2. Salt

Tools and materials:
Sea salt
Fresh oranges (orange, lemon or lime)
Fresh herbs (basil, mint or cloves)

How to make:
1. Split the fruit in half. Remove the meat from the skin using a knife or spoon, then fill half of it with sea salt.
2. Put spices or fresh natural ingredients such as basil, mint and cloves.

3. White vinegar

The trick is very easy, you can spray white vinegar into a towel or dip for a while. After that hanging a towel in one corner of the bathroom, then the bad smells will be absorbed quickly.

4. Chalk

Maybe you feel weird, but this is really useful lho, guys!

You can use chalk to put it in a container or tie a few chalk to one, then hang it in one corner of the bathroom. Bad smell will not be there again!

Putting fragrance with your favorite scent can also be a solution. Your bathroom is not just clean, but also fragrant throughout the day

Natural fragrance smell does not lose the same perfume manufacturer, if you do not believe directly cobain aja!1. Lemon

The trick, simply put a piece of lemon that function can neutralize the smell, so that your bathroom can be fresh hold. Replace the piece of lemon every once a week.

2. Dry flowers

The dried flowers are known by the name of potpourri. How to make:
1. Hang your favorite flowers along with the stems for several weeks to dry.
2. Insert into the container and drop the essential oil, cover the container for several weeks for the oil to be absorbed.
3. When you want to use it, just open the container.

3. Coffee candles that you can make yourself

Stone-spray painted spray
Glass glass / vase
Candles to taste
Coffee beans (for simplicity you can use coffee powder, the dosage according to taste, if your glass cup is large then the coffee must be a lot)

How to make:
1. Insert the wax piece into the cup (melted, can not).
2. If you use coffee beans place around the candle, if the coffee powder then sprinkle over the candle.
3. Turn on and enjoy the soothing sensation of smell.

Well, how? Easy to make your bathroom always clean, fragrant and comfortable? No need to spend a lot to buy perfume or camphor, you can still create a dream bathroom!

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