The bomb in New York exploded before the time, the perpetrator alone

The bomb in New York exploded before the time, the perpetrator aloneAn explosion occurred in New York City during rush hour around 7:30 pm local time. The so-called bomb carried by a man named Akayed Ullah (27) was rumored to explode prematurely in a tunnel that connects the subway in Times Square and Prot Authority.

Quoted from the New York Times, local police said the perpetrator Ullah from Brooklyn had been detained by the police. His condition was seriously injured. Currently undergoing treatment at Bellevue Hospital Center.

Four people were at least injured by the bomb brought by Ullah. A senior city official who declined to be named said that Ullah was using an explosive device. Even after the explosion occurred, the police had to remove the explosive device attached to the body of the perpetrator.

The subway station itself has been evacuated, and the Port Authority Bus Terminal is also closed. Police believe Ullah works alone. The explosives were called explosive before the time.

At a news conference, Mayor Bill de Blasio called the explosion a trial of a terrorist attack and said no other explosives had been found.

"Our lives revolve around the subway," he said.

Terror bomb in New York 2017 AFP PHOTO / Bryan R. Smith

"The choice of New York (as a target) is always for a reason, because we are the beacon of the world, and we show that people with many backgrounds and beliefs can work here," he added.

Blasio says the terrorist's goal is to make New Yorkers terrified.

"They miss attacking New York City," Blasio said.

After the explosion occurred, New York City stuck badly. The Metropolitan Transport Authority reports that railroad trips 1, 2, 3, A, C, E, N, Q, R, W and 7 are disrupted.Underground commuting near 40th Street and 8th Avenue began to escape after a loud and muffled noise was heard at the Port Authority subway station. Police officers, firefighters and the Port Authority antiterrorist tried to evacuate people from the bus station and west side of 8th Avenue when sirens roared.

Andre Rodriguez, 62, a social worker at one of the city's shelters, said he heard the explosion at about 7:30.

"I was passing through the revolving door," he said. "It sounded like an explosion, and everyone started running," he said. [rnd]

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