The Charm of Tulungagung Regency That Makes You Brave to Tassle Him

The Charm of

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Enchantment possessed East Java is not endless excavated. Through the mountains and beaches, you also realize how rich the tourism potential of this province. Well, this time follow Hipwee exploring one of the districts, namely named Tulungagung.

Tulungagung is a district on the southern coast which is famous as a producer of marble. Tulungagung name derived from the Kawi tulung language which means water and great meaning big, because supposedly in this district there is a large spring. Bordered by the mountains of Wilis-Liman in the west and the Indian Ocean in the south, no wonder if this district has a number of interesting tourist potentials visited. Well, what is the allure of Tulungagung district? Let's see!

1. Being in the South Kidul Mountains famous for its beautiful beaches, Popoh Beach is one of your destinations Tulungagung

Located at the eastern end of the Kidul Mountains that extends from Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Popoh Beach becomes one of the mainstay attractions Tulungagung regency. On this beach, you will be treated to a beautiful panorama of the bay nan beautiful, choppy relatively quiet with the background of the hills on the left and right. Moored fishing boats are also increasingly beautify the coastal scenery.

To reach this beach, you must drive to the village Besole, Besuki district, approximately 30 km south of Tulungagung. Due to become one of the favorite tourist attraction, the road to this beach was already fairly smooth.

2. Not far from Popoh Beach, there is an unspoiled Coro Beach and hidden behind the raksunnya teak forest

Being on the southern coast of Java Island makes Tulungagung endowed with a number of beautiful beaches. Still in the subdistrict of Besuki not far from Popoh Beach, there is Coro Beach which is also worthy for you singgahi. But, slightly different from Popoh beach, this beach is still natural and rarely visited because of its hidden location.

The beach is located in the village of Gerbo, Besuki district is located behind Teak forest owned by Perhutani. To reach this beach, you have to walk through the path through the forest for about 40 minutes to make a great foot gempor. But, the result is worth the effort really. This beautiful white sand beach ready to make you fall asleep because of its beauty.

3. Watch the waves pounding against the reef and pouring into the air at Pathok Gebang Beach

For you who love blusukan to the beach, come to the village Jengglungharjo, Tanggunggunung district, Tulungagung. There are a number of hidden and unspoiled beaches there, one of which is Pathok Gebang Beach. This beach includes a beach that is still virgin and hidden, especially with access that is rather difficult and far from the settlement. To get to this beach, you must trekking for approximately 1 hour.

Relax, your effort will be paid through the uniqueness that this beach offers. You can not just enjoy the texture of white sand on your feet. When tide, you can watch the waves that hit the giant rocks and burst into the sky to a height of 20 meters. Perhaps similar to the sea flute at Klayar Beach, Pacitan. This is what makes Pathok Gebang beach is a must visit.4. For you who want to enjoy the cool and calm atmosphere, Lawean waterfall is one that should not be missed

If you want to find a cool and calm tourist attraction in Tulungagung, come to Turi village, Geger village, Sendang district, or about 25 km west of downtown Tulungagung. There you will find the Lawean waterfall. High-rise waterfall that reaches 100 meters this would offer a charming panorama, let alone coupled with the coolness offered by the slopes of Mount Wilis at an altitude of 1200 masl.

Of course, not easy to reach this still virgin waterfall. From the nearest parking location, you still have to travel three kilometers on foot. Well, tourist attraction in Tulungagung does make healthy, yes!

5. Not only the beach, water tourism is no less captivating in Tulungagung also you can find in Wonorejo Reservoir

Wonorejo Reservoir located in the village Wonorejo, Pagerwojo district, this is one of the family tourist attractions are not less special. Located approximately 12 km from downtown Tulungagung, you can relax enjoy the atmosphere of the reservoir while menjajal a number of tourism facilities provided in this reservoir. There are cottages, restaurants, parks, swimming pool, fishing area, area, camping, speed boat, banana boat, outbound to stage for art performances.

6. Tulungagung is also loaded with historical value through the collection of temples. Look at Dadi Temple located on the hill in Boyolangu area

Not only the natural attractions are kece, Tulungagung also endowed with tourist objects of historical value. A number of temples can be visited in this district. One of them is Dadi Temple which is located in Sanggrahan village, Boyolangu subdistrict. Boyolangu area is indeed famous as one of the historical sites where the discovery of ancient human fossils and a number of temples.

Dadi temple itself is located at the top of the hill. From here, you can enjoy the views of the village of Sanggrahan and the city of Tulungagung from a height.

7. Sambangi unique Sand Sand with beautiful reliefs on the walls of the cave

Hearing the word "Goa Pasir", do not imagine a natural cave with stalagmites and tempting stalagmites, because you will not find it here. Instead, you will find some reliefs on the wall of the cave. Yes, this Sand Cave is an archaeological site that used to be a hermitage. This tourist attraction is located in the hamlet of Pasir, Junjung village, Sumbergempol district. The gutter itself is a niche in a large stone with a human-shaped relief.

Access to here is not difficult, especially you will be greeted with a panorama of the slopes of Mount Podo. To get to this Sand Cave, you live to travel as far as 10 km to the east of Tulungagung regency.8. Visit also the magis Telaga Buret which supposedly never receded or dried water

Telaga Buret is one of the famous lake in Tulungagung. This lake is located in the village of Sawo, Campurdarat sub-district, which you can reach by traveling 25 km from the city center. It is said that, although located in limestone hills, this lake is never dry and always out of water. By the local village, this lake is sacred. So, do not be surprised if you can watch the ritual of salvation in this lake.

9. Tour to Tulungagung certainly not complete without visiting the center of craft marble

Tulungagung is famous as a marble producing district. Not just one or two years, but since the Dutch era. Reportedly, marble reserves in this city is very abundant. Hence, play to Tulungagung certainly not complete if you have not visited the marble industry center in Besole village, Besuki district.

Here, you can see marble rocks processed into various shapes, ranging from sculptures, urns, cutlery, to the bathtub. In addition to marble, craftsmen here also process marble-like materials such as onyx and granite.

Well, there he is a number of interesting attractions and worth your visit in Tulungagung district. Hey, you are the original Tulungagung, if there is a favorite tourist attraction that you have not entered here, help add in the comment field, yes!

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