The Design of Indonesian Banknotes is Best Called in the World

The Design of Indonesian Banknotes is Best Called in the World

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Citizen6, Jakarta Although the current use of banknotes and coins has been replaced by non-cash payment with the card, but it is undeniable that paper money and coins are still a means of payment used by many people. Even for paper money, it was not printed origin. Paper money should be designed in such a way as to make it look attractive. Each fraction has a different design.

Well, do you know? For Indonesian owned money known as the rupiah or the money of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), its design is called as the best currency design in the world. In addition to being made with quality materials, the design also gets a lot of praise from home and abroad. Before circulated, the money should be approved by the Minister of Finance, Internal BI, and also the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

In the process of making it, Indonesian money uses sophisticated technology that is difficult to forge. Delinavit is a designation for banknote designers. Most of the Indonesian banknotes published between 1952 and 1988 included the name of the money designer. You can see the name of the banknote designer by looking at the description on the bottom left of the money. Usually the designer's name is written in capital letters followed by the words "DEL" which means Delinavit.

Indonesia began to make illustrations for its own banknotes during the Old Order. Oesman Effendi and Abdul Salam are illustrators of the first NKRI notes. Initially, the NKRI banknotes were published with certain themes or series, such as: animal series (1957), flora / fauna series (1959), handwork series (1958-1964), Soekarno series (1960-1961), and Sudirman series (1968 ). Unfortunately, now NKRI paper money is only published with a random theme. Even since the 1992 edition, Indonesian banknotes no longer include the name of the designer.

Nevertheless, the design of the NKRI note is listed as the best design banknote in the world. This best design was obtained by the Rp 10,000 denomination of Indonesian money in 1975. This fragment was designed by the late Junalies. This currency is said to be the best in Asia and even the world. Money Rp10.000 this has a beautiful and distinctive style. Picture reliefs as remind us of the glory and supremacy of the Indonesian nation in the past, and of course this money has a thick culture.

Another achievement was achieved by Rp 20,000 denomination in 1998. This one-piece paper bill is very unique and yet no one can match the design. Well, it turns out the NKRI paper money is great too yes?

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