The exoticism of Nadine Chandrawinata, the Princess of the Adventurer

The exoticism of Nadine Chandrawinata, the Princess of the Adventurer

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Nadine Chandrawinata is a woman born in Hannover May 8, 1984. She had become Puteri Indonesia who represented in the Miss Universe 2006. At that time people had mencibirnya because one mentions Indonesia as a city, not a country.

No perfect figure. Nadine who once pouted now much admired by the community. He has a down to earth personality and enjoys exploring the many oceans of Indonesia. Because of his love for the Indonesian sea, he can linger underwater diving to observe the beauty of flora and fauna as well as shipwrecks.

When many Indonesian women want white skin, it's different with Nadine. His skin was left to be sunburned and felt a lot of exciting adventures. Nadine says in her book Nadrenaline, if you want to travel, just do it. He even had to sleep at the station while traveling abroad.

Nadrenaline is Nadine's travel logbook for exploring Indonesia and overseas. In it there are many photos and stories as he visited places of interest that have not been touched many people. He also mentioned that many of Indonesia's realms are fascinating. Traveling and diving are inseparable from Nadine's life today.

In addition to being Puteri Indonesia, Nadine has also played in several films such as Reality, Love and Rock 'n Roll. The elder siblings of Marcell and Mischa were once the Ambassador of Formula Grand Prix Onedi Petronas, Malaysia in 2006.

Now Nadine is a woman who became an inspiration for many people, not just women. In addition to beautiful, the story of his life that seeksotis natural Indonesia truly reflects modern Indonesian women should.
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