The first day of work, Ridwan Kamil sidak to the office SKPD

The first day

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Starting the first day of work after the holidays Lebaran, Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil immediately do sidak. The man who is familiarly called Emil is doing sidak to the Office of District Sumur Bandung located on Jalan Lombok, Monday (3/7).

Emil using a bicycle arrived at the office of Sumur Bandung at 08.00 WIB. Emil directly lead apple dozens of Civil State Apparatus (ASN) Pemkot Bandung who served in District Sumur Bandung. After leading the apple, Emil immediately made a review. Of the 49 civil servants on duty, it is known there is 1 ASN who did not enter because of illness.

"I do the inspection, Mr. Vice and Secretary I instruct to do the same in the territorial apparatus.Today all but one person who is legally ill all discipline on time and I reminded how to take care of the territory should innovate cleanliness is not the responsibility of only the government, Emil told reporters on the sidak sidak.

Ridwan Kamil is not the first day of work 2017

Emil said that in this time, his side deliberately went to the office of Sumur Bandung Subdistrict. Because during Lebaran this area is often visited by the public and received comments from the public related aspects of cleanliness.

"During this Lebaran which is often visited and get the comment is the subdistrict of Sumur Bandung where the center of the city, the old city area so much in this district so I wrote, I ask the camat instructed houses with a circular to clean the yard and greening," he said .

He hopes, with the presence of this inspection can make the ASN increasingly disciplined and re-start public service activities as usual.

Ridwan Kamil is not the first day of work 2017

"Hopefully this represents the spirit of all public services in the city of Bandung, is more than enough vacationnya.So now live hard work, let alone prosperity that has been increased many times, so professional, do not be there slow service, illegal levies , the brokering is not clear.I think this is the district that I appreciate the best, "he said.

After doing sidak at Subur Office of Sumur Bandung, Emil continued sidak at the Office of Regional Revenue Management Agency (BPPD) located in Bandung City Hall. Emil also monitor the tax service at the BPPD office and find the service has returned to normal as usual. [and]

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