The First Non-Smoking Village in the World is in Indonesia. Dare Ngerokok in Sana, Get Ready for Sanctions!

The First Non-Smoking

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Our society is still preoccupied with the pros cons of questioning the rising price of cigarettes. Some have bought a lot of cigarettes, just in case the price is still cheap, and some are ready to roll their own tobacco. Apart from the issue, there are interesting things about some villages in Indonesia, one of which has been implementing smoking-free regulation for a long time. He said first in the world, you believe? And there are also villages that since 2014 yesterday just confirmed the village area counter to smoking habit.

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The first village in the world without cigarettes. Since 2000 ago, this village in South Sulawesi deserves an example for other villages

Anti-smoking nuance will be felt when entering the village located at the foot of this mountain Latimojong. The village of Bone-Bone is named, located in Enrekang District, South Sulawesi, with an altitude of 1500 mdpl. If we talk about the Regions Without Cigarettes (KTR), it is getting more and more lively we meet. At some point in big cities, especially those with lots of public space, there will be a lot of them in the KTR area. KTR itself is already a spatial program that aims to reduce the level of environmental pollution through air pollution. Well, if the countryside, the village of Bone-Bone is the first to apply it.

Coming to Bone-Bone, you will be greeted by a large bill of smoking signs. There are still a number of appeals to maintain health and a board containing smoking bans in village corners. Attention really

Not only for local residents, this smoking ban also applies to every guest who comes to visit there. If you go there and find yourself breaking the rules, be prepared to be given social work sanctions. For example, cleaning a house of worship (can be a mosque or church), school, clean up the village environment such as field, and so forth. If you can not get away from cigarettes, do not come here. Hihiii ..

This kind of innovation can certainly be a good example for other villages. The goal is not to avoid disease and want to live longer, but the economic problem is the underlying

Not only busy discussed by the media in the country alone, Village Bone-Bone also reviewed by one of the European media, France24. According to health experts who reported from France24, at least there are 200 thousand people died from smoking in Indonesia. Smokers in this country are even said to be the fifth highest number in the world, according to the World Health Organisations Global Adult Tobacco Survey.

The interesting thing is, the enactment of the smoking ban in the Village of Bone-Bone instead of fearing that their citizens contracted a disease like cancer. But because of the economic problems that are getting worse that makes the local government finally enact this rule. Pity.

Poor families in this area can not afford to send their children to school because their father spent a lot of money on cigarettes. The ban was then applied gradually

I went to college with 13 students from this village. Only six graduated, the rest broke because they chose to spend tuition to buy cigarettes, said Muhammad Idris, Bone-Bone Village Chief, quoted by Tempo.Initially, in 2000, the local government banned the sale of cigarettes in Bone-Bone. It was followed by a smoking ban in public places in 2003. A full ban on smoking and cigarette activities for residents and visitors was fully enforced starting in 2006. In addition to sanctions in the form of social work, those who are still smoking are also forced to publicly apologize through loudspeakers . Shame hell yes ..

Not only the smoking ban, this village also rejects the existence of food coloring substances. So do not be surprised if the food they sell may be less attractive in terms of appearance

The initial stage of non-smoking rules is applied, ie smoking must be in the home and invisible to other citizens. Since then, it has never been seen that people smoke outside. The next stage, that is smoking should only be done in the garden. The rule was also obeyed. Finally, the residents themselves who filed additional regulations, refused food coloring substances. This is not just a cool Head Village, but the citizens are also cooperative all.

Indeed, non-smoking villages are not just Bone-Bone. Several villages in South Sumatra of West Sumatra also have the same rules

In West Sumatra, for example, there is Sitiung Nagari Village, Sitiung Subdistrict, Dharmasraya Regency. In Lampung there are even three villages, namely Meli Village, Sumberharu, and Girikusuma Village located in North Luwuk District. Although this region has only been established for several years, they are optimistic that the area will be 100 percent smoke-free.

There is another village in Java that applies the same rules, namely the village named Gunung Cariu, village Cibunugeulis, district Bungursari, Tasikmalaya city, West Java. Even interesting, there is a boarding school there that gives strict sanctions to santri who smoke, the head of students will be directly shaved. Less stringent what? Eh one more ya, the area in Tasikmalaya with similar rules. Area attractions Pamijahan, in Bantarkalong, Tasikmalaya. The smoking rule in this region is solely made not for health reasons, but a respect for the rule of his ancestor, Waliyullah Sheikh Abdul Muhyi since hundreds of years ago. They are worried that breaking will happen something that is not even desirable.

Visit the village of Bone-Bone, and some other non-smoking villages. Believe me, you will not find a stall that sells a single cigarette in the villages. The locals are very pro-government policy to eliminate cigarettes. If that's the case, the price of cigarettes does not need to be raised times huh? Hehe

Happy traveling to villages without cigarettes!

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