The Four Beloved States of America, Indonesia Where

The Four Beloved States of America, Indonesia Where

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The increasingly critical situation of US President Barack Obama does not necessarily make Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney take control of the situation. Romney's ambitions in reaching the pinnacle of power began to reveal the true nature of a future US leader if he wins the November election.

We can see the gestures and the language in the short snippets of news reports through both online and television media. Body language that can be articulated as a vision to reclaim the "leadership robe" and the rise of US domination globally in the aftermath of today.

Although Romney's foreign policy choices seem to plagiarize President Obama but the worst and disturbing world is Romney as if reaffirming the fears of many with George W. Bush's disaster policy.

Perhaps there is no Indonesia in the "strategic radar" of US foreign policy, because America only put "blinking eye" to four countries in this world. They are Iraq, China, Israel and Afghanistan. This can be seen from the intensity of the mention of the four countries in each of the two campaigns.

But there are also other governments who pay more attention to Romney's statement, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and hope the Republican president does not boast by saying: "I will make Iran's leaders aware that the United States and its allies will prevent them from gaining the capability of nuclear weapons"

Previous American presidents have often boasted about his tough policy toward Iran, while the decision makers in Tehran began to feel confident in their ability to distinguish rhetoric and reality. They are not afraid of America.

Iran actually had a great merit to Republicans by making Ronald Reagan to the White House seat after the US hostage crisis in Lebanon destroyed the presidency of Jimmy Carter.

Iran also considers that President George W. Bush is a symbol of extreme and dangerous foreign policy from his Republican predecessor, but not in a way that would force a drastic change in Iran's strategic calculus.

Meanwhile, if Romney adopted a policy that is in line with Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush, Iran may be willing to negotiate its interests.

It seems that Iran believes that Romney would make the United States isolated internationally and break the unity among the permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (P5 + 1) no different from George W. Bush. This is certainly beneficial to Iran. Romney himself has caused problems with Russia and China. Like Bush's policy, the US is getting worse if Romney becomes president.

Romney might win in November, but Iran must also be cautious. Although Tehran has demonstrated the ability to take advantage of Washington's foreign policy mistakes.A reality that Indonesia is far behind other major countries about the strategy of foreign policy.

The Persian brothers, Iraq, also began to wriggle by becoming American golden boys. While Israel is a "landlord" for American politicians, from whichever party they come from. Including Obama. Israel is part of the rhetoric for war for major American policies. A reason to keep its own nuclear weapons and try to remove nuclear other countries.

China is at the top of the list, which erodes America's attention, because China's economic, military and foreign-political revival has made America a "supporting cast."

Indonesia is heralded heralded about the proximity to Obama tenyata only underestimated. No more important than Singapore which is the fifth largest consumer of military equipment in the world. The Republic is only a "child" that is easily frightened simply by the deployment of 2000 soldiers in Darwin, Australia.

Whoever the next president of America, it seems that Indonesia is not a friend who deserves to be considered as an equal partner. Because America is only busy with "war for economy" or "economy for war" and it is not / is not in Indonesia who has leader helpless. Powerless even to the middle finger challenge from Malaysia though.

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