The Garbage Bank Changes the Environment

The Garbage Bank Changes the EnvironmentOn December 3, 2017, last week, there was an interesting activity conducted by resident of Larangan Mega Asri, Sidoarjo, East Java, which is Bank Garbage activity conducted once a month on Sunday.

Garbage Bank or also known as saving garbage is an activity to collect the sorted waste. This activity can bring goodness to a village. This activity is actually one of the programs from Indonesia to reduce waste, create a cleaner environment, make people aware of the importance of cleanliness, and make waste into economic goods. Sidoarjo is one of the cities that activate this program. One example in the Housing Prohibition Mega Asri this.

This activity is done by every house is required to collect recyclable waste such as plastic bottles, glass bottles of syrup or drinks, plastic cups, cans, etc. If there is no garbage collected from the house it will be fined. Then, on Sundays when the garbage bank activities are carried out every citizen of the house gives his garbage and gathered together to sort out his garbage. every brand of packaging should be discarded for a high selling price. After the disaggregated waste is subsequently weighed and transported to the trucking truck. After that can be money from the sale of waste used.

However, not all garbage is sold because usually by the citizens used as craft. Like, floral or plastic flower arrangements, flower pots, accessories from used tins, even clothes from scrap plastic, etc. The craft can also be sold and produce a high price. Sidoarjo also annually hold events with the theme of second-hand goods so many performances are contested with basic materials ie used goods or recycled waste. Such as group gymnastics competition, fashion show, etc. Of course the clothes used contain elements of used goods and can sell the results of his work.

Money from the sale of used waste is included in the cash of citizens to beautify the environment by buying ornamental plants or herbs, community activities, and others. Because in the Village Larangan also often held environmental competitions, of course the village should be beautiful and beautiful. Capital can be obtained from the garbage bank. Thus, Housing Ban Mega Asri always win the race in the race.

So my hope this Garbage Bank program should be implemented in every village in Indonesia because it is very beneficial to supplement income; reduce waste so as not to cause flooding due to inorganic waste disposal in rivers, ditches, etc .; improving gotong royong; strengthen the line of silahturahmi; etc.

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