The Gates Of The Holy City Kretek, The Magnificent Building

The Gates Of The Holy City Kretek, The Magnificent Building

Image source: – Road-road to Central Java is the most fun, because in this city many tourist destinations that you can visit. If you want to explore Central Java again, now stands the magnificent building of the Gate of the Holy City of Kretek (GKKK), which is located right in the heart of the Park the Embankment the Wind, the Subdistrict of Jati, Kudus.

The process of making that gate takes approximately one and a half years, and on April 27, 2016 yesterday GKKK has been inaugurated. Not just so the building, GKKK own philosophy in every element of the building.

On the top of a shaped tobacco leaves with the number of fingers the fingers as much as 59, has a meaning implied. The number 5 as a symbol of the Pillars of Islam, then the figure 9 to interpret the Walisongo, the lower part shaped 4 pole clove that sustains tobacco leaves symbolize the 4 pillars of nationality, among others, Pancasila, UUD 1945, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, and the REPUBLIC of indonesia.

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According to the Regent of Kudus, H. Mustofa, said that a lot of riders who deliberately reduce the speed and stop at the roadside to see their splendor, so that it can be used as the main attraction by tourists.

"Gate of the Holy City of Kretek (GKKK) was inaugurated as the icon of the Holy city, including the role as well as PT Djarum to beautify this Holy city with funds of Rp, so we have to keep it together, because the Holy city belongs to all of us. The future, on behalf of the government area of the Holy City will be built rest area in the neighborhood around this, so people can rest and selfies in GKKK," said mr. Mustafa to Vemale not long ago.

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After enjoying and taking photos at the Gates of the Holy City of Kretek (GKKK) not far from the location, you can drop by in the shopping center by-by typical Holy. There are many stores that sell souvenirs of the Holy.

"We sell porridge kind of lunkhead from rice flour santen and brown sugar. Then there keciput of sticky rice and sesame, dodol tape singkong. It's all by-the typical Holy," said the mother of Praise from the Store Reliska Jaya.

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In addition, this store also sells a variety of foods such as bandeng presto, wingko babat, bakpia, crispies, chips lung, eel chips and still many again the other.Expected with the presence of GKKK, to become a magnet to attract tourists to come to the Holy District, as well as enjoy the culinary and other tourist attractions that are not less interestingly. So want to walk to the Holy right ladies?


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